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Small knot on vagina labia

I just noticed a day ago that my right labia felt sort of bruised. i have noticed a small knot and after a day i feel like the right side looks swollen? i never really looked at it much before so im not positive, but it does feel like a bruise or some sort of pain, even when im just sitting as well as a small bump under the skin. there is no physical appearance of anything like a blister or anything, its all under the skin. I want to call my doctor, but i was wondering if anyone had this problem so i knew what to expect?
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I too woke up yesterday morning and felt like i was bruised down south, today i notice a small lump under the skin on the right side of my inner lip. I really think it is a cyst . I don't have any insurance right now so i can not afford to go to the doctor. It is really red down there. What signs do i need to look for to know if it is infected? I don't have any unbearable pain of anything but like i said above it just feels like i have a big bruise there or something.
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I am a 46 and about 4weeks ago I noticed a small pea sized lump on the right side of the outer lip of the vulva nestled amongst my pubic hair.  It has since  doubled in size and the lump is clearly felt underneath the skin as well as on top.  I have no pain or discomfort with it. However, I was treated 20yrs ago for the HPV, have since had a total and radical hystorectomy, a major bladder surgery (clamileostimy)?  I also noticed a very small amount of blood after incourse one evening. Do I need to see my doctor?
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i just saw this site when i was looking up knot on vaginia. Im 15 and ive had a knot just above the openeing of the vaginia, i havnt told my mom cuz im very self-concious and i dnt know what will happen. I noticed it about 2 days ago and it was pea sized. Over those days it has gotten bigger. Like i said b4 im very self-concious and i dnt want to tell my mom or anyone thats why i got on the computer and looked it up. It hrts alot and i cant sleep ver well cuz its so sore. I have to watch t way i sit also. Should i just go into the doctor or wil it go away
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ok... last night when i was takin a shower i noticed an egg shaped like knot... or something is under the skin and its on the inside of my lip on the right side right across from my clit... ? it hurts and feels bruised?.... and its making me swell down there....... ... what is it! could be a cyst or .. what ...
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