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Small red bump with an indented center on vagina?

Hello , please help. I'm 18 , and my boyfriend is 18. We only have sex with each other , and we have been for the past 9 months with no problems . On the 6th day of my period , I worked for 8 hours with no bathroom break while wearing a panty liner all day. My panties were loose I felt irratation from the liner half way through the day and thought nothing of it. I work the cash register and so I encounter money a lot. When I got home I showered and the first thing I do is wash my vagina but I did not wash my hands before doing so . I think that may have caused it. The next morning me and my boyfriend had sex ,  and there was no discomfort it was really good sex . After sex we showered, and I felt these little bumps which I'm pretty sure happened the night before . I have two on each side of my vaginal opening. They are small , pink with a white indent like it look like someone took a small circular object and pressed it in my skin. It doesn't itch or anything, it's only discomforting when I wipe and sometimes when I pee. Sometimes when I pee the acid from the urine irritates my vagina . When I wipe I have to pat cause it hurts. My boyfriend , has about five of them in the pubic region and they look like mine except much smaller and they're 5 spread out randomly . On his actually penis it looks like contact dermatitis because it's the smallest little scabs . He said he didn't even notice them until I asked about them he says it doesn't itch and it's not irritating because he didn't even notice until I looked and showed him .  I think this is a combo of molluscum and contact dermitis because we couldn't have gotten this sexually it must have from me not washing my hands before washing myself . Please help what does this sound like to anyone else ?.
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