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Small soft lump attached under areola skin

Hello, 2 months ago I saw a bluish (like vein color) spot on areola above the nipple. When I squeezed and pulled the skin, I saw a soft lump causing it.

The lump is soft, somehow pear-shaped (1cm). It's rubbery not like a stone, and its attached it doesn't move. However it sometimes gets small and other times when I squeeze or pinch the nipple it gets big.

There is no skin dimpling, when I squeeze nipple hardly, I get clear or light yellow liquid just a little amount, I don't have any change in skin texture. Just a soft pear shaped lump that sometimes appear big(more puffed), sometimes when I leave it alone it decreases in puffiness.

Ps: before I saw the lump, I used to wear a very, very tight sports bra. So could it be that the sports bra blocked some vein and caused this lump? Since I'm also seeing tiny 2 purple vessels under the areola skin, as if maybe blood is being blocked from reaching it? Maybe the pear shaped is because lump is along a vein? I really have no idea and need your suggestions.

Thank you
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It could be a blocked mammary gland, or a saline cyst. Neither of those is a major worry, you just need to rule out anything more serious. Get in to your doc for a mammogram when you can.
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Hello~I would ask your GP or gyn about this issue, it may be nothing at all, but when it comes to any form of lump in the breast, it is always best to have the matter checked.
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Hello,thanks for the reply. I'm just afraid to go, and now we're in a lockdown. Hopefully it won't be anything to worry about but its been 2 months now so idk.
Anw thank you
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Ps i have pcos i dont have any swelling or red skin anywhere neither do i have warm skin.and the small bulge is in right breast on areola above nipple. It only shows if i squeeze and pull the skin.
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