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So Tired!!


I wonder if anyone can advise me on what to do...

For months I have not been right in myself. As soon as I wake up I am tired and this lasts all day, it really is an effort to walk and even lift my arms! I really could sleep standing up sometimes. Every bone in my body aches, my concentration is lacking, I have experienced some horrid mood swings and stomach pains.

I have tried having less and more sleep but the outcome is still the same. I have tried moderate exercise but the next couple of days I then feel worse. I have tried Floradix, cod liver oil, folic acid etc but all remains the same.

My daily life is being effected and im fed up of some people thinking that im lazy!

Would be very grateful for some advice, thanks
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have you had your iron levels checked through blood test? anaemia can cause extreme tiredness aswell as many other things like stress, anxiety, mentrual cycle, virus's. Are you any medication or any birth control? are you suffering from depression? you maybe slightly depressed but not it, ask your doctor for the questionnaire and they will know,and get your bloods done
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Sounds like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It's been around for quite a while and there's some suspicion now that it might be caused by a virus, but nobody really knows. Check online to see if the symptoms match yours and learn of any current treatments.  Sorry you're feeling so lousy. Good luck.
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Im new to this site, so i dont know if I am posting this in the correct place..

Kay2486 - Thanks for your response. I had blood tests taken a while ago and everything was ok.  Im not on any medication or birth control, a little depressed but only because I feel like this. Ive put off going to the doctors because I feel I am wasting their time. I will have to make an appointment as I have never been this bad x

Vera676- Thanks for your response. Ok, thanks for that advice I will google and have a little read x
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