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Someone please help!

Me and my ex (He wasn't my ex at the time) were messing around and he wanted to have sex and I didn't so long story short, he had sex with me for like 30 seconds and I pushed him away. I'm on birth control, but I'm still worried that there may be a chance I could have gotten pregnant. I haven't missed a period, but I've gained about 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks and I really feel weird.  I went in to the doctor exactly 8 weeks after the incident, and she did a transvaginal ultrasound to look for another pregnancy (I thought I was pregnant before but she was looking for a 3 month pregnancy! Crazy I know! And that's why I didn't want to have sex. Because I freak out like this every time!) So, anyways, she did the ultrasound and the tech showed me the lining of my uterus and told me she knew I had just gotten off of my period because it was very thin and my doctor switched my birth control that same day. I also had a negative blood test the day before the ultrasound. My question is,if the tech wasn't looking for an 8 week pregnancy, could she have missed it? I'm seriously flipping out! Someone please answer. Do you think I could still be pregnant?
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Sorry! I didn't mean to post it twice!
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I do not think you're pregnant. If you went to the doctor 8 weeks after the incident, you were not 8 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy starts from the first day of your last menstrual period. If you haven't missed your withdrawal bleed, you are not pregnant. On the pill, the drop of progesterone causes the bleeding during the placebo week. the rising levels of progesterone in a pregnancy would level out with the drop and you would not bleed. If all women had a withdrawal bleed even if they were pregnant, there would be no point to the pill. You shouldn't need to take a test every month, correct? Even if she was looking for a 3 month pregnancy, she would notice a pregnancy. She would not have missed it. You also had a negative test. Calm down. You are not pregnant. You have had your withdrawal bleeds, a negative blood test, and an ultrasound.

Also, you being pregnant from that in the first place is probably not going to happen. Pre-ejaculate doesn't have sperm unless from a previous ejaculation if he has not urinated since then. It does not come from the same place as sperm, and does not contain it. It is a fact. Even planned parenthood will tell you that. You are probably gaining weight from stress and worry about being pregnant. If you thought you were 3 months, you would have known by then and had symptoms most likely, and by 10-12 weeks (what you would be now because a pregnancy actually starts before you have sex), you would know and have symptoms. It would be another 3 month pregnancy. The nurse could NOT have missed that.

Aside from that, I understand the freaking out. I freak out every month. I am on the pill and my boyfriend and I use condoms as well. This month, I haven't had sex. I am really worried...you know why? Because we were running late a week ago and took a shower. I am convinced his penis "bumped" into me and I'm pregnant. Crazy? Yes. Possible? Yes. Did it happen? Probably not. I don't even know if he touched me...he says he didn't. He says I'm crazy....which I am. I have OCD and freak all the time. The only difference between you and I is that once I get a period, I stop worrying. There was only one month I was still convinced I was pregnant and that was before the pill.

Just as I need to calm down, so do you. I even think mine is more legit than yours! You know you're not pregnant, it's just that you need to convince yourself that. Same as me. I even get symptoms every month, just to find out I'm not pregnant. The mind can really play tricks on you. I am of course going to be worried until Friday if I start (freak out if I don't!). I know you're fine, but what do you think about me??? lol
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Oh mingobear0712! I really feel your pain! I know I'm crazy, but I can't seem to make myself believe I'm not pregnant. I've seriously sworn off sex for a while, because I can't handle all of this stress right now! I am praying hard that you aren't pregnant! I don't think you are just like you don't think I am! I don't really think the chance would be high for either one of us though. LOL! Oh well, we'll both be fine hopefully and not ever have to write on this forum with questions like this again until we're ready to. Good luck! Let me know how everything turns out. I'm sure you're fine!
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Thanks. :) I am totally with you. I know I'm crazy too, but also can't make myself believe it. I have also sworn off on sex lol. I am really stressed with school and my boyfriend goes to school in Michigan where I am but works in Chicago. So he only lives here every 3 months! It's so stressful! He came to visit for Thanksgiving weekend and I am sure that's when it happened. Just as I "got pregnant" when he came to visit for Halloween. I was screaming over the phone at him and saying "We really messed up! I know I'm pregnant! I can't believe this!" and was having panic attacks...the about 5 minutes...the glorious withdrawal bleed started.  He said "we are not having sex next month...no exceptions." I agreed, and we didn't. I thought I would be fine and not freak...but no...I'm freaking lol. I really wish I could control it, but I can't. And yes, I am sure you're fine just as you're sure I'm fine lol. I'll let you know by Saturday. If I don't start Friday like I should (third day off pill, always start that day) then I am taking a test on Saturday. (I of course have 2 left over from my other freak-outs.) So I'll let you know haha. Good luck and thanks again. :)
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At least you have two tests left! HAHA! I use all of mine within the first 2-3 days that I buy them. I should own stock in pregnancy tests! Both of us should actually! The last time I thought I was pregnant, I worked at the hospital and we paid 10 dollars each time we wanted to get a blood pregnancy test done, and the lab girls even made fun of me because I was down there every week! LOL! It was funny, but it's really obsessive behavior! You sound so much like me it's not even funny, only I may be a little worse than you! I would be ok if I were still with my ex, but I'm not and I don't even wanna be with him! So, I am def not ready for a baby right now! It's all gonna turn out fine I'm sure, but I can't get the stinkin' thought out of my head!! It's drivin' me nuts! Oh, and me and my ex did the whole "if you're not pregnant we're not having sex anymore" thing too! HILLARIOUS!
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Haha, that's crazy. I think I'm just not used to sex yet. Plus, when my boyfriend goes back for "work term" for school...I freak. I always freak out that I'm going to have to tell my parents on my own or something. I see so many flashes of what I think is going to happen in my head. I freak myself out bad. I swear I start peeing more and stuff. It's just bad. It's very obsessive behavior. Most people wouldn't worry about just taking a shower with someone. And most people would also just freak when they're late...not before they are even late for a period! I can't even imagine being pregnant. How would I explain that to my parents? (Given, I am 19, but I live with them.) "Uhh, I have something to tell you. We never had sex, we took a shower because we were running late after you guys left...that must have been when it happened. I take all my pills....I just don't know" No one would believe that I didn't have sex and got pregnant. Everything online says it's possible, but who knows if that stuff is true. Maybe the the guy came right on your vagina...then I guess maybe. But still, I'm on the pill. I seem to always forget I'm on the pill! It's crazy. I so hope i start on time. I am going to flip. I have 1 week of school left before Christmas break. Then my boyfriend is coming here for 2 days, then we're going to his home in Chicago for Christmas, then Iowa for his birthday, then back to Chicago until January 11th when we have to come home because we're starting school. At least it's been 3 months and he's coming back already! I'm so happy. I just can't imagine being pregnant without having sex. After all the sex we've had and I haven't been pregnant, how can I be from taking a shower? He says I claim I have symptoms every month and freak out...but every month I am always sure I'm pregnant! I hate it! :(
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