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Something in the back of my throat?

I have felt like something is stuck in the back of my throat for 4 days now.

I am prone to canker sores but they are usually painful and in the front of my mouth.

I do not have any kind of gastro problem, but I did have a strain of HPV that caused removal of pre-cancerous cells earlier this year. I had read that women who have HPV sometimes get oral cancer.

It feels like a piece of food is back there and I just can't swallow it, it is on the right side of my throat. It does not look like a white spot nor a large bump.
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If you are a smoker maybe it has something to do with that also.  I would look in the mirror again like I suggested erlier and see if you see a white thing.  If you do it'll eventually shake itself loose.  Mine does not cause pain either and I can eat and breathe as well.    Good Luck
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I also suffer from these little white yellowish balls on my tonsil in the back of my throat and it is annoying. I dig them out like my doctor told me because he suffers from it also. He says they are little food particles that get stuck back there and smell real bad and hurt until you remove them.  He told me to take a little bit of peroxide and water on a Q-tip and swab the back of your throat where the holes are and also the little white thing hanging. I did that and it goes away for awhile and then comes back. He says my tonsils are deteriating.  I don't know if that's what going on with you but that is my story also. Good luck
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Tonsils, Strep, or maybe a swollen uvula (that thing that hangs down) in the back of the throat.. Can't know unless you see your Doc. Sorry.
Good luck! J
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Please schedule an appointment with your doctor.  There is no one here that can give you better advice than that.  It could be due to your HPV or it could be something as simple as swollen glands, but no one can tell you exactly what it is without a thorough examination.
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I sometimes get something in the back of my throat as well.  I open my mouth and say AHHH while looking in the mirror and it is a white thing sticking to something back there. It does not hurt it is just VERY annoying.  Someone told me it was a starch ball.  I can eventually get it out.  I just keep trying to clear my throat or you can try to hock a loogie (dont know how else to put it.)  That sometimes shakes my little thing loose.  Like I said I don't know if you have the same thing but that is my story.   Hope it helps.
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does it feel as if you can't breathe properly? I had this and went to the ER..the dr checked me over and come to find out that I had an ear infection..took the antibiotics for 7 days and it went away..HTH
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