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Something just isn't right...

(Mirena IUD inserted since January 2021,36 yrs old, only 2 sexual partners since August 2021)

Let me start by saying that I have never had any issues with my vagina, I've had 1 uti when I was like 16, I'm 36 now. I have never had any issues with my scent down there, she smells pretty, very unique..
Anyway, I broke up with my boyfriend of 2.5yrs in August of 2021, i didn't sleep or hook up with anyone until the end of January 2022. The 1st time we had sex everything was fine, but the 2nd tien we did, was about 5 days later and  very soon afterwards, I noticed a smell coming form down there, and not her usual yummy smell.. A day or so went by an it smelled bad, like fishy, I was too embarrassed to even to go see my doctor, I didn't know what it was so I waited for it to go away on its on.. It didn't, after about a week I was reading online and saw the horrifying articles about BV.. I freaked out.. Plus I couldn't stand the smell.. I called teleadoc, told him what I was experiencing, just fishy odor, - no other symptoms, no itching, no burning, no burning while urinating, no pain during sex, no urge to urinate.. He prescribed me some meds and sent me on my way.. My email later stated he diagnosed me with "acute vaginitis"
I took the pills until they were gone(14 days), on day 2 of taking the pills the smell was completely gone, I was so relieved...

But ever since then, and this is back in like February or April, my vag hadn't gone back to her regular, natural scent, the way she has smelled all my life - she doesn't smell bad at all, but she doesn't smell like the sweet candyish-cocoa butter like she usually does.. (I've been told that most girls' vag has a distinct "vag" smell, it's not a bad smell, it's just the way "p***y" smells) and this was a nightmare, because I don't want to be like everyone else, and I don't want to have a smell like everyone else... So her still not smelling like she used to is making me think, maybe the pills I got from teleadoc only got rid of the odor, and the case/infection..right?

I haven't had any symptoms and no more odor ever since, but last week my tiny little breasts were huge, and sore for like 3 or 4 days, especially when I took off my push up bra, almost as sore as they were when I was pregnant.. But I couldn't be pregnant, I've had Mirena IUD inserted since January 2021. I had Mirena for about 7 months before it totally got rid of my period, completely, I haven't had a period or spotting since July 2021...
So back to last week with my sore breasts, since January, I've only slept with 2 guys, 1 is the guy who I think somehow funked up my vag with the smell, and rh other is my ex of 2.5yrs,wd hooked up 3 times in the past few months, but he hadn't finished in me in well over 2 months and the other guy hadn't earned it yet...

So now my breasts aren't sore anymore.. But last night I noticed off colored discharge, almost like a darker shade of beige, but not brown, odorless, no other symptoms.. And today it's more consistent, like all day all my discharge had bee n this ugly dark beige not brown color, no smell, etc.. And this afternoon I noticed I was really bad pain in my abdomen when I was sitting Indian style on th floor building lego mansions for my son to destroy. They were like sharp shooting pains, on my lower outer belly (like on the side of my stomach between my belly button and my actual side, the other was right in my belly like behind my belly button it felt like, I had like 4 or 5 of them real quick, anx have had any since.. It wasn't gas because I know gas and that wasn't it..

Anyone else experience anything similar to this or had advice or suggestions or stories?? Please tell if so! Thanks for reading my horror story, sorry!
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The other thing is, even if you are protected from pregnancy by the Mirena, you aren't protected from STDs. If your only medical contact was remote, you didn't get tested for any of them, right?  The symptoms you have now might be in line with STD symptoms more than BV symptoms. Time for an in-person visit to get tested for them all.
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Maybe your natural flora were disrupted by the funky guy, or by the antibiotics you took for the presumed BV, and if so, it wouldn't be any surprise if you aren't back to normal because of your being on Mirena and not having periods. If you're not having periods or ovulating, you're missing on two natural processes that keep the vagina in good shape and with its natural flora. You could try a probiotic in an attempt to restore things in Ladytown, but it seems like you might be better off to get rid of the Mirena and get back to a natural cycle, and stick with condoms when you have sex.
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