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Sore Breast Around Ovulation?

Hello, I'm 19 years old and have  been experience very sore breasts for the past few days, mostly on the sides of my breasts. I never used to get sore breasts before my period, except this last one. I was due to be ovulating around the 14/15-19/20th of this month and my cycle is usally 23-28 days, not too irregular. I have been off of any BC since April. My last period was sept. 4-8th. The past two weeks my boyfriend and I have had sex and not pulled out or used condoms, but I feel it's too early to tell if it's pregnancy, does anyone else experience such bad soreness around ovulation?? Or am I just having very early (2 weeks till period) PMS?

thanks :)
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hi i'm 25yrs old and engaged.my breasts are sore since a day after sex until now,but in 4 days ago i went to my period as usually.am i pregnant
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Hey I am 19 as well and I keep having sore breast and I took a at home pregnancy test and and a blood test and both were negative. I've never had a pain like this before. We didn't use condoms or pull out when we had sex. I just really want to know what's wrong with me I been feeling sick in the stomach for the past month. The gynecologist said breast tenderness has something to do with ovulation like with your period or something but I never had pain in my breast before.
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Hello, I'm Ashley well my breast all over but my nipple is so sore and hurts very bad. I didn't know I was pregnant till I was 4weeks right now I'm 5weeks and my breast are extremely sore and I believe everyone who is sexually active and a couple days later their breast began to hurt should see a doctor to be sure. Because my.mother was pregnant with my now 6year old brother and she revived her period for about the first 3months and the whole time she was pregnant and her boobs where sore but she thought it was a period. I suggest GO FIND OUT.
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My nipples feel sore, not extremely but ive never had sore nipples. Ive been sexually active and on birth control (but he doesnt pull out) ...is there still a possibilty i could be pregnant ?
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Hello, Im 17 years old
And ive been experiencing very sore/tender breast for the past 5-6 days an my nipples are very sensitive, Ive never had or experienced anything like this before or during my cycle. It hurts to wear a bra an even more when i walk. Im also having really bad cramps on both sides.
I noticed a white discharge a few days ago. Im not on any type of BC and dont use condoms, my period is not due till 6/11. Could it be possible pregnancy or just early signs of PMS.
Please let me know what your thoughts on this is ... Thank-you.
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