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Sore Breasts

Hi! I'm 17 and for the past week my breasts have been in a lot of pain. I don't believe it has to do with my period because my cycle ended a few days before it started and I usually have a longer amount of time between periods than average.
Here's some facts that might help:
-I am a virgin, so pregnancy is not an option.
-I wear sports bras nearly everyday.
-I do not drink caffine or eat a lot of salt
-I am not over weight or unhealthy, I do just the right amount of excercise.
-As far as I know, I am not under a lot of stress.
-I have slightly larger breasts than most girls my age.
-I am taking a medication that slows my heart rate but I doubt that can cause breats pain as intense as this.
-I know that for half of my family, there is no history of breast issues.
-It hurts all around the breasts, but on one breast, there is a slightly 'harder' part(and most painful part) on the top and on the other breast it has the same thing but on the bottom and to the side a bit.

I know for a fact this isn't about my cycle. I have those pains two days before I start and it's over the minute my cycle starts. And the tenderness is hardly recognizable. The pain I'm feeling now is overwhelming, and it's gotten to the point where I began to cry... multiple times. And I am not the type that crys out of pain on a usual basis.

Sorry, if some of the information seems weird to put online, but I figured that the more information the better.

                                     Thank You!
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I'm 17 and I've recently actually have been going through the same thing!but there not soar anymore I think it mite be a cycle thing
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Honestly, it's just down to your breasts probably growing or changing. You're still only 17 so you're still going through puberty and our breasts change all the time. You don't have to be pregnant or be on your period to be having sore breasts - especially during puberty. Sounds completely normal to me. Try a hot shower, I know that helps when mine are sore.
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Mine get soar all the time too, it can be hormones and even your breasts are still growing at your age. The soreness comes and goes its nothing to worry about. But I suggest you not to touch them alot it tends to make the breasts more sore depending on your size..
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