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Soreness and Itching Inside Labia Majora


For over 2.5 years, I've noticed an itching and sorness inside what is technically the labia majora.  After my third child was born in the summer of 2003, I took my concerns to a former ob/gyn.  I had noticed what felt like a tiny bump, or pimple, when I pushed on the area, but this 'bump' seems to come and go.  I don't know if it's due to an ingrown hair or what, but the ob at the time seemed to be grasping at straws and wrote down "vulvar lymph node."

After researching this subject online, I kept reading about cancer and was, of course, worried.  I took my problem to another ob/gyn, this time in a larger city, but she couldn't find anything amiss.

I'm still experiencing this problem.  The area just feels "sore" and does itch.  I got some Vagisil cream and put on it just a few times, but I'm not convinced that it's going to solve the problem.  When I looked at the area upon closer inspection earlier with a mirror and a flashlight (call me a detective; LOL), it appeared that the inside of the labia majora was redder (possibly inflamed) than it should appear, although I'm not used to how 'normal' really is with myself in that area.

I'll have to bring it up to my new ob--he recently took care of a dermoid cyst on one of my ovaries.  My appt. isn't until 4/24/06.

Comments welcome,

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HI...I may know what you are talking about as far as the lump is concerned. I have something similar, I think. I haven't played "detective" yet but I may do so yet! LOL Along with this smaller raised bump, I also feel a few other small bumps inside the labia and I can only assume they are somehow connected. If you read my post about Yeast infection, fissures and hemorrhoids above, the story is printed there. I guess my concern is like yours...what is it? I have researched as well and found nothing to my satifaction. I do, however have a yeast infection, as diagnosed by a woman doctor at a walk-in clinic yesterday...I plan on seeing my own doctor this week if things don't get better and if the "small raised lump" doesn't go away with the yeast infection, as I'm thinking it is part and parcel but maybe not. I am also using Vagisil cream for the itch...the doctor gave me a prescription for a 1% hydrocortisone cream yesterday, to apply sparingly twice a day, but ti does nothing for the intense itch so I'm back using the Vagisil cream on, and around where the clitoris and hood is (the most intense itching is there) and the prescription cream on the inside of the labia. Altho' I have no reaf and fresh ideas to offer you, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and that hopefully when you see your new ob-gyn, he'll have some answers for you. Please post them here too...I would certianly like to know what this appears to be that we may have. I have to wait for my yeast infection and everything else to go away before I can even determine what mine is or isn't...

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Thanks for your reply.

I tried [delicately, mind you, because this new ob/gyn that I found is quite good looking, and I have a slight crush on him!  LOL) tried asking him on what to use for the itch w/out actually showing him the exact spot that it's in, and he said to try OTC creams, although I could only find Vagisil @ Wal-Mart last week, but he said that if those don't work, that he plans on putting me on some pill that starts with a 'D,' although I cannot remember the name (sorry).

I plan to show him the area in question next Monday when I'm there.  I've had this problem for quite some time, and there obviously is an underlying reason for it.  Sure, I'm embarrassed about it, but I have to get over it, don't I??  I mentioned this to the doc in a letter that I sent to him regarding my medical records.

I'm also concerned that I might have an actual vaginal yeast infection because that area (knock on wood) has started to itch slightly starting today--yikes!

I've been patting the skin of the labia dry with toilet paper after my shower, but that, in turn, is probably going to cause it to be dry, so, anyhoo...

I just took a small mirror and held it in place with both legs while I shined the flashlight in the area because I really don't know about lying flat on my back with my Parts Down South in the air!  LOL  LOL  If, however, that would provide a better look-see, I will do it, but it will be with the bathroom door locked so none of my 3 kids can flounder in there at a moment's notice...

I will definitely post back after my visit with the doctor next Monday.  I will try to stifle a huge laugh when presenting him with this subject!  ha ha  Mindy you, I've been dealing with him since the end of January, had an ultrasound on Feb. 6, and had to wait for the cyst removal surgery on March 22.

In the event that anyone likes to read novels (LOL), I've documented my 'medical follies' on my weblog.  The address is:  http://www.southernindianagal.blogspot.com.  I update it whenever new info. becomes available (which is often!  LOL)

I don't think that I have an actual vulvar lymph node.  Rogue hair or pimple, maybe, but I don't think that I have some of the 'major' vulvar problems that I see online.  I think there's an underlying issue, like skin irritation due to detergents or something of that nature.  I visibly don't see any large lumps.

Take care!


P.S.  I, too, suffer with occasional anal fissures--I have an internal hemorrhoid that has taken up residence, have had a pilonidal cyst, plantar fasciitis of the foot/feet, have allergies, and believe that I have acid reflux/heartburn.  I thought I had IBS, but after my recent hernia surgery, I haven't really been afflicted with those symptoms, so it could've been due to the hernia.  Again, all of this is on my weblog.  Enjoy (if you decide to venture to my corner of the web...)
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I have the 3 sm. bumps, but mine are somewhat white I believe they're ingrown hairs. I shave down there and that's where it started before the shaving I didn't have it. Now I use clippers and just shave the front. No pain, or itching
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