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Speeding things up?

I tricked my boyfriend earlier today when we were having sex at like 1 something in the morning. he was behind me and he thought he was having anal sex but I made it go in my vagina and he came inside me.
then later today I tricked him again and he came inside me again.
and I want to get pregnant but my periods are still irregular. A doctor told me that I can pregnant with irregular periods.
So I was wondering if there is any way to speed up the process of getting pregnant.

:) Thank you
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Sweetheart, if you need to trick him, what kind of happy daddy is he going to be?  You're asking for a life of fights and legal problems.   Please think about your approach again.  Starting a child by deluding a guy is saying that what you want matters and what he wants does not matter.
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I know its not my business, but if you want a baby then you should talk to your boyfriend, and if he doesn't want a child and having a baby means enough to you that you would 'trick' him into having one, then maybe you should find someone who wants the same things you want. You must still be young if your periods are irregular and if you are, you could seriously affect your education and social life as well as your boyfriends. But if you are at a more appropriate age and you are interested in having a child either talk to your boyfriend or perhaps contact your local sperm bank and set up an appointment.
Good luck.
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(According to her profile, she is 16.)
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Yes. I'm 16. my boyfriend wants a baby as much I do. and I even if I tricked him if I s baby he'll be happy. and I don't have to worry about school. I'm in homeschooling. and I'm a painter. I work at home. and we don't go clubbing if thats what you mean.
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Of course you don't go clubbing your 16 if you are tricking him its only going to backfire. You should graduate save save save babies are not cheap its a life commitment you want to be able to give your baby everything he / she might need
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well it's too late what's done is done. I Just want to know if I can speed things up.
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Then if he wants a baby too, why do you need to trick him?
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I didn't trick him so I could get pregnant! I tricked him cause I didn't want to have anal sex. I tell him all the time that I don't like it. and it hurts and it's gross. I didn't know he was going to **** inside me but he did twice. so whatever. don't judge me and your 14 leave me alone.
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