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Spotting for 2 weeks???

i spotted for 2 weeks then i had a period, ive been REALLY really tired, and i feel sick alot... ive been on BC for 4 1/2 months, i thought it was possible that i was pregnant but i took 3 tests within those 3 weeks... is it still possible that i could be pregnant or am i just paranoid???????? im starting to get nervous because if im not, then there has to be something wrong...
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i forgot to mention ive been urinating often, 2 or 3 times a night, and ive had breast tenderness...
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Those signs sound like your pregant but just to be sure go to the GP
but my auntie exprinced a period and that moment she was trying for a baby and she went to the doctors to see what was wrong and it turend out that shes pregaant. But you can have period when ur prgeant 2 !! and ur urinating alot tht signs and breast tenderness!
if you were pregant good on you its nice to see a  enough humna beign cuming into are worldd
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my husband isnt too concerned... ive just been having hot flashes and all that good stuff... i wondering if there is a chance i took the tests too early...
im still on the pill??? argh adkaosdnca
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Umm unfortunately signs of pregnancy and signs of your menstrual period are pretty much the same, even if you say you've never had those signs before they are still possible to happen now. If you think your pregnant then I would go get a blood test done ASAP so that you can have an ease of mind, and then go see your GYN-OB so that they can check to make sure everything is okay!!!...
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