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Spotting in first trimester

Hi everyone. i had originally posted my daughter was spotting in her first trimester. She still is but yesterday she had an ultra sound they said there is some blood pooling at the bottom of the uterus. But she thought hse could be no more pregnant then 3 weeks. Today she had her appt. with doc. He said specialist read picture and yes she is 6 weeks.Says he thinks everything will be okay. HEr blood pressure however is extremely low 99/50 yesterday and 100/45 today. Does anyone have any experience with low blood pressure? Or what the side effects can be? She didn't think to ask all these questions.
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alot of bed rest!
there can be a chance of a miscarriage or not, but have her try to keep it easy,
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I spotted off and on my entire pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy. I also had low blood pressure in the beginning and high BP in the end. It was a high risk pregnancy due to my hypothyroidism and low/high BP. They instructed me to be on bedrest off and on as well. Did she have low blood pressure or thyroid issues before pregnancy? One more thing, my heart basically stopped after my epidural. I don't know if it is related to BP but that's something to consider. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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I am about six weeks pregnant and I have not yet had an ultrasound and I'm very nervious about this. I also spotted twice when I whiped myself. It was like a mucusy light brown or pink. I wanted to no if this is normal.
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