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Stinky clitoris

I'm 16, ive had sex with 2 people in a vey spaced out time, i used protection for both and Ive never had a problem with my vag til recently when i noticed my clit stinking and having a foul odor,  its just my clit my vag smells fine. I heard it could be bv so i tried yougurt and vinegar and seen no results,  ive been dealing with this for 4 months and just want to be back to my normal self. Does anyone know what this could be or have any suggestions for cure? I'm slowly losing Hope because i shower everyday, change clothes everyday and have very good hygiene, and this still happens it makes me very depressed, i just dont get it..
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Well, BV is bacterial vaginosis.  It's generally IN your vagina and the signs are a really foul odor (perhaps what you are smelling) and thin, watery discharge which is something kind of grey in color.  It is treated and cured with antibiotics.   However, sometimes, around the folds of the genitals, we can get trapped bacteria that can smell.  (so fun being a girl, right?).  You can try a wash cloth with antibacterial soap and washing around those folds.  Do not try to douche or wash the vagina out as it is self cleaning and doing so can cause a ph imbalance which leads to more problems.  But if you think you have BV, you are going to have to go to the doctor, hon.  And you can get BV without having had sex.  So, don't be embarrassed to get a doctor to help you.  
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