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Stomach pain

So I've been having lower abdomen pain/pressure for a couple months and recently gotten worse. I went to the dr and because of my family history of ovarian cancer, my dr had me get an ultrasound. I went back on 7/1/2016 for the ultrasound results and she said everything looked normal (except for a small cyst on my left ovary, which was normal). She then ordered a urine test and shortly after a nurse told me I had some leuks in my urine which meant some kind of infection and they had to send it off to their lab to determine what type and get me on the right medicine. I noticed they updated my account online over the weekend with some results but I have not gotten a call yet nor have I been able to get ahold of them. I feel very bloated and uncomfortable today and would really like some help soon. I'm not sure if maybe the lab results on my account were from the basic urine test done in the office or if they were the ones from the lab. But here's what the results say:

    WBC Est Ur Ql Strip 500++
    Nitrite Ur Ql Strip negative
    Urobilinogen Ur-mCnc 02(3.5)
    Prot Ur Ql Strip 15(0.15)+-
    pH Ur-LsCnc 6.0
    Hgb Ur Ql Strip negative
    Sp Gr Ur Qn 1.025
    Ketones Ur Ql Strip 15(1.5)+
    Bilirub Ur Ql Strip negative
    Glucose Ur-sCnc -

Any idea what I'm dealing with? Or if I should just keep waiting or go see a different doctor?
BTW, I haven't had any pain during urination or increase in urination, no blood in urine/poo. Just lower stomach pain with bloating, tiredness, and general icky-ness.
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I just heard back and they said there wasn't any infection afterall... sooo... now what?!
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