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Strange collection of symptoms

I am a 48 year old Hispanic male and I have been having some strange problems for about 3 years now. Started out just by being "itchy fingers" at night when I finally sat down to relax and watch the News. After a short period of scratching I noticed the area which was itchy was whitish, with a burning sensation. I began experiencing enormous number of muscle cramps everywhere!!..under my chin, legs, arms but more often on the muscles surrounding my ribs and sternum area…that really hurts. I ended up in the hospital several times with chest pain…everything normal. I had a stress test done…everything normal. Around the same time I became sick with kidney stones, which after analysis, consisted of pure uric acid...you guessed it...I began suffering from gout, so the doctors say. They have extracted fluid from the joints during inflammation but they have found no traced of uric acid. They have also done blood tests arriving to the same result...normal levels of uric acid. While repetition of inflammation periods have extended, I still get them once in a while, even after taking Allopurinol daily and Colchicine during the flares. I experience enormous fatigue and periods of time in which I am not able to think straight...somewhat confused at times. I suffer from borderline high blood pressure (140/90) for which I take Ramipril 5mg daily. I have been suffering from extreme body heat and I sweat profusely even without any bodily activity at temperatures of 75 degrees. I wake up every morning covered in sweat. I also wake up in the morning with extreme pain that seems to emanate from the middle of the spine toward the right side of my upper torso. I thought I was sleeping in compromising positions but I had my wife watch me and take pictures to see if I was putting stress on my spine but everything looks normal. Yet, the pain becomes so intense that wakes me up from a deep sleep…every night. I used to suffer from sleep apnea, tried removal of tonsils & adenoids in addition to the removal of my uvula and a portion of my palet…it did not work. I now use a C-PAP machine and it seems to do the trick.
I am in desperate need of some real help. For the past couple of years I have been seeing doctor after doctor and they always tell me the same thing….everything came out normal.
Can someone help me please!!!..I am begging!!!!!
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