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Strep B cause painful intercourse?

I have had a horrible burning pain at my vaginal opening for something like 2 years. Every time I brought it up to my doctor she brushed it off as vaginal dryness. Definitely not the case. I just went to see a new doctor who is claiming this is due to strep b. I have been researching this and nowhere can I find anything that says strep b causes intercourse to be painful. I'm worried that I have vulvodynia. Advice? What do you guys think?
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From what I can tell, Strep B can cause urinary tract infections, which can indeed cause women pain during intercourse. Has your doctor tested you for an UTI? It's possible to have them for a long time with no other symptoms. (I'm assuming you've ruled out STIs?)
Honestly your old doctor sounds terrible :/ Pain during regular intercourse is not normal and should absolutely be investigated.
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