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Strep Infections - Virgin

Hello, I am 26 years old, virgin and never been sexually active. I've been diagnosed with Strep B infections for over 3 years now. I always have discharge and when i get a swab tested, it comes out possitive for Strep B and everytime a doctor prescribes me antibiotics. I've read that Strep B will never really go away and it will always come back. I'd like to ask the following:

1. Should i take the antibiotics every time it is prescribed or should i just ignore the infection
2. Can strep b harm me in any way
3. What causes strep b and how can i prevent it if possible
4. Do you have any additional advice for me

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Hi- just read your diagnosis, seemingly with no cure. I am NOT a doctor but a fellow sufferer of Group B Strep. In doing research I came across your post.
I too am frustrated, in pain and on 2nd whirl of antibiotics (with absolute reluctancy - but until I get 3rd opinion to help me, Im take this 10 day antibiotic).
You or I shouldnt be suffering I strongly believe because....................I have read over and over due to a weakened immune system - these symptoms were able to surface!
I am anxiously waiting this next doc visit and going to beg her to help me in a flip side manner.
Since pregnancy (I am not) is one of the most common triggers, test and rule that out.
Next is cancer, I think I would die if I knew I had cancer but if I do, this is why I am now on a 2nd bout in 4 years of this painful vaginal Strep B episode. There was one other text to suggest and I have it written down, forgot but, if you want to try this method of action to, be my guest.
Share with me your findings.
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Stop taking the drugs, it will only make the strep stronger.  Doctors will argue and tell you that you need it, but it's a load of crap.  Man made drugs have given strep super strength.  It will never cure it.  Use natural remedies, they work!
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I've learned that taking 2 garlic pills and vitamin C will naturally help your immune system and keep Strep B at 'Bay'  which is what you want.  Oh and watch out for all those artificial sweeteners they are bad news and are in a lot of things!  Look up their names and look at everything- they will cause yeast infections....weaken your immune system.  You will feel healthier down there and prettier too everywhere.
This is no joke and keeping healthy and more organic then others when you have Strep B is very important!
I hope you stay feeling good-  discharge is not normal and doing what I suggested will help all that-
Man or woman trust me I've been paying attention to all this for a long time!  If I go get a flavored coffee with one of those syrups and they put fat free or sugar free in or light-  I'm doomed!  My skin breaks out and yeast infection or vaginitis starts to flare!
Best of life to you just feel blessed your body is talking to you!
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I also have strep B but I wasn't aware of the pain that is associated with it. I just know I have it and with my 3 children the first (my girl 7lb 4 oz) was completely fine. My second, 7 years later (my first boy 7lb 6oz) they didn't get enough antibiotics in me before I conceived. Within an hour he spiked a fever and was taken to the special care unit with IVs in his head and being carefully monitored. My third another 7 years later my the last completion to my family (baby boy 5lb 7oz) whom is now 11 months old. I had to have a c section so they didn't give me antibiotics because it wasn't a vaginal birth therefore the baby want at risk; my husband was doing the skin to skin with him; since I was unable and within 5 minutes the Dr peaking at him in daddy's scrubs noticed his breathing was becoming shallow. And they rushed him out. They took him to the special care nursery and I want able to hold our even get to see him until 18 hours later. He had an IV in his head and they were giving him oxygen for 27 hours then he was removed from oxygen and stayed in the special care until for the next 5 days being monitored very carefully. He didn't have the step b (thank God) but he had already pooped before my emergency c section (the night before scheduled one) and he still has breathing problems and so does my son that did contact the strep b (which could've killed him.) So I'm very curious about the pain associated with this and if my son since he was born with it does that mean he would still carry it?
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