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Sudden Weight Gain...Pregnancy?? or Medication Reaction??

I'm really worried about my sudden weight gain...I gained 9 pounds so fast (few weeks) and I don't know how that is possible because I have always eaten the same and I exercise (even more now)...it seems to be all around my belly at the front but it's hard not v. flabby as you'd expect when it sticks out that much ...I'm really worried I might be pregnant...I can't think how else I'd have gained weight so fast and I always mess up my pills every once in a while as I get sop confused as I have so many for schizo problems and mood disorder. :-( I've been feeling ill in the mornings too... v. nauseous.

I've got super anxiety now and I don't know what to do, thing is, I've panicked about pregnancy so many times and I've always been wrong so I might be wrong again (more than likely) plus I had my period 3 days ago...it was hardly anything though so that worries me too, musta had about 1 day of a light ish flow...it was pathetic really, the four days around that day were like just brown spotting. I don't know thought if it might be the meds I'm on making me fat and making my periods practically non existent because weight gain is a side effect though I've only been on them 2 weeks and have eaten what I usually do except give or take the odd tea biscuit. It doesn't make sense.

I'd rather be pregnant than fat though...I can't afford a test and I feel ******. I'm either fat or pregnant and I can't find anywhere on google that tells me how fast you gain weight in pregnancy... I mean, if I were, it could be possible I'm over a month pregnant if you ignore my last period...is there anywhere I can go to get tested free?

Not exactly choices I want right now.
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Since this period which was non existent practically I've put on more weight and I'm more hungry and thirsty. I am now 5 days late for the next period but I already did a test before I was late and it came up negative...Is it possible the Seroquel anti psychotics I'm on are messing everything up? I've not been massively worrying it's just really unusual as I'm regular usually to the day. I can't find anything that suggests seroquel can stop your periods but I have a massive fear of being infertile and if the drugs are messing me up I want to stop them...I will do another pregnancy test soon and maybe it will show different this time or maybe my period will come, either way, some answers would be nice...
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Hi there,

Your medication can definitely have an effect on your flow and your body in general. Those are very powerful drugs that deal with hormone balances in your body and are very powerful in the influence of stress. All this panicking and fear you have in itself can be a major cause of why you are late. You're eating habits, this weight gain/loss can all attribute to a delayed period. You need to realize the facts though, and that's pregnancy symptoms are visible within 6-8 weeks of being conceived. If you're hungry and thirsty...you're hungry and thirsty as of right now. That is your body. You feeling sick could mean you have a viral infection, but you simply cannot just attribute it to pregnancy especially when it comes to tests. You see, pregnancy tests are meant to be taken AT LEAST one month after your missed period. The pregnancy hormone is detectable usually after 4 months after conceiving, but higher at the 6-8 weeks time, hence taking the test at least one month post-missed period. Your weight gain is most likely attributed to your medications. Those medications have that side effect and it is very common. If you are very worried, go see your doctor, they will be able to help you and discuss with you the side effects and help you understand better what is happening to your body and how this medication can have an effect on you.
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Correction 4 weeks after conceiving, not 4 months.
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I have been taking 25 mg of Seroquil for 2 years now to help me sleep with no side effects or weight gain. How much do you take ?
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