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Sudden one off bleeding between my periods.

Hi! So I suddenly notice a huge spot of blood in my pants four days after protected sex. It just showed up once, for a minute or so and then stopped so I highly doubt it was my period but I also usually have irregular periods due to PCOS. Now two days after that happened I'm having mild lower back pain and cramps. Has anyone gone through anything like this before? Any answers could be of great help!
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It could be from bonking the cervix during sex. Less likely, it could be that the condom was ineffective and you in fact had some unprotected sexual exposure and have gotten pregnant. How long ago was your last period?
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My partner didn't ejaculate inside me so the chances of me getting pregnant might be even more low. Also I've read that you can't have implantation bleeding as early as 4 days.
My last period was a month ago. I usually get mine once in two months, sometimes twice a month, extremely irregular.
Probably it is your period, then. The cramping sounds like it.
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