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Super irregular period

I'm 24 years old,never been pregnant and I've always had an irregular period.My priod vary's from every other month to skipping 4 or 5 months.The last time I saw my period was may of this year.I took alot of pregnancy test but they all came out negative.I'm affraid I can't have children one day.What could this mean,and has anyone else ever experienced this?  
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I also have irregular periods..Skipping also about every 4-5 months... have you had any preg. symptoms???
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No,I haven't.Have you ever been pregnant?Or felt like you couldn't have children?
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I also have an irregular period, ranging from every 3-4-5-7 months. Now I'm still young, im only 19 and my period has been irregular since I started my cycle when I was 12 or 13. And I don't mean to b blunt or put my business out there but since I started having sex, I've a probably had sex  20-30 unprotected times. Now I don't need anyone to lecture me on how irresponsible that was but I jus wanted to point out the fact that I've never been pregnant. I've tried on a couple of occasions and even without tryin I ended up with a vagina full of sperm but never have any sperm cells made it to my eggs. So I kinda under the assumption that I can't have kids. And now that I've read thru other people's situations with their cycle I feel a little more comfortable with talkin about it and gettin insight. So thanx everyone for that......
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