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Swelling of the Feet and ankles

I would like to know whats going on with my feet and ankles their are constantly swelling and are tight like there filled with fluid I've been to the doctors and emergency rooms they say there nothing they can find wrong with them but they swell one day then there back to normal now it seems like its getting worse before their was no pain but now its starting to bother me the doctors have even tested me for diabetes and prescribed me water pills what's wrong with me
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Are you pegnant? Do you eat a lot of sodium based foods? Both of these could be the reason why you are sweeling. Let me know.
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I can relate to the sweeling problem you are having. My ankles began to swell about 10 years ago when I began putting on weight. At first it was not bothersome, but over the years has increased significantly.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure last summer and am now on meds. Now when I forget my meds my ankles AND feet swell so even my shoes are tight and nasty looking. I have askec several doctors if this is heart related and they all have said it is related to my being overweight. However, if my weight is stable and there are other MORE overwieght people around without this problem why is this getting worse? I also recently experienced the top of my feet getting tight and feeling stretched out from the swelling.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. I watch my diet and restrict salt.
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wow, i have been going thru the same thing!  it is making me nuts.  i have gained 30 lbs after having my gall bladder removed 2 years ago.  i was also diagnosed with fibro myalgia this past fall.  i always had a problem with swelling, but since i am heavier, it is more noticeable.  my sister who is 3 year younger and thin also swells.  i think it is from bad circulation due to me being overweight.  if i undo my bra and lay flat on my bed, it goes away with in 20 minutes.  i also do not eat the way i used to when iwas thin.  i would NEVER eat bacon or cold cuts.  i never ate bread (which i know causes swelling in certain members of my dad's side with gluten allergies)  i am going back to eating lean meat, tuna veggies and fruit and i will get back to the good health i enjoyed before.  it is not okay to be overweight.  i don't ever want to have my chest cracked opened like my mom did.  
good luck.
scotty marie
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i appreciated your post and found it very informational that bread can cause swelling due to a gluten allergy. I LOVE BREAD!!! I will have to see if the swelling gets worse when I eat it. Also, my dad had his chest cracked open for open heart surgery and I don't want to go thru that, either. He eventually died from vascular dementia which they say is related to heart disease...something else I'd like to avoid.
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I've experienced major swelling of the feet and ankles for 13 years now.  It all started when my right foot was bitten by fireants and became infected.  I went to the ER and was given steroids and antibiotics.  However, since then BOTH of my feet and ankles have been swollen most all of the time (sometimes severely).  The weird part is that I've noticed that whenever I'm on antibiotics for any unrelated illness, my feet and ankles do not swell.  I've mentioned this to several doctors who all say that it can't have anything to do with it.  But, I just think it is very odd that it never fails.  Has anyone else ever noticed this?  I think what scares me is that things I've read all indicate that it COULD have something to do with heart failure.  I'm 52 and have had this going on now for 13 years with no relief. One doctor even put me on mild diuretics but it did not provide any relief.  Does anyone have any thoughts?
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I recently went in for my test results froma stress test and echocardiogram and was told my heart is strong and healthy!

I also worry about congestive heart failure being related to swelling, but if that is so why am I being told everything is okay?

Since I've heard CHF can develop over time I wonder if they can detect it before intervention becomes necessary like heart catherization, blocked ateries or heart valves, etc.

Does the heart just attack with no prior indication from testing or lack of physical symptons or just slowly die off due to these conditions?

I've taken antibiotics and never noticed much of an increase or decrease in swelling. However, I have a desk job and swell during the week but not on the weekends when I move around more!

Go figure!
You might try one of those bicycle things that you can do sitting in a chair, since this only happens to you during the week. Try to use it at least 5 minutes every hour.
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i have swelling of the right foot. I went to the doctor and was told I have leaking of the veins in that foot, I want to know if any thing can be down about it.
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I read somewhere that growths in your uterus i.e. pregnancy, fibroid tumors, etc. can cause swelling of the feet ankles because the growths put pressure on the uterine cavity which in turn puts pressure on the main vein that transports blood to the extremities.
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I am not overweight thanks to weight loss surgery.  I watch my carbs so I don't eat breads and I also eat lite salt; however, my ankles are swelling something awful.  It has become painful especially on the inside of my left foot.  It is very tender and hurts.  There is fluid-like substance in this area where it is tender.  When I was overweight my feet would swell but I had forgotten how awful that side of my life was until now.  What could be causing it?  I am so frustrated and concerned.  My feet are also turning purple which my Mother's were the same way and now I have noticed just today that the veins in my legs are very pronounced and blue.  Do I need to see a circulatory specialist, heart specialist or a psychiatrist because this is driving me nuts.  If I am on my feet for more than four (4) hours then my feet are swollen and it takes at least two days to get them back down and that is with me laying flat on my back with my feet propped up on pillows so that my feet are above my heart.  What do you think, I should do?  Pray and increase my life insurance?
I suggest the pray but not to increase your life insurance. I do not know I can relate to everything that you are saying and feeling.
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   Well, Here is yet another female, 35 years of age, and I, too, am overweight, and experiencing swelling of the ankles. Its worse in my right. So far, its only on the outsides of my ankles. I have also noticed that my feet hurt alot to walk on them.... That feeling you get after a long day of being on them ALL DAY...But I get it easily, just walking around my house throughout the day. The past few days, the swelling has even worked it way across the top of my right foot, all the way to the base of my toes.

   My husband bought one of those foot soak/massagers, (you fill it with water, and it vibrates, has bubbles, and sprays water, and it has massagers that you can rub your feet on). I have used it a couple of times with some EPSOM SALT. I did it again last night with luke warm water, instead of hot, and then I went to bed with my feet elevated on a couple of pillows. I woke up this morning, and almost all of the swelling is gone. They still ache though.

   Interesting about the bread thing.... I love bread, too. I will decrease my intake and see if that helps!

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Wow Glad I found this.  I work at a desk and everytime I worked for an extended period of time my feet also sweel and look like stuffed sausages.  Th swelling goes all the way up past my ankles and I was also woring about CHF.  They dont hurt but look really bad
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I am having the same problem, except I am 25,  112 pds and very athletic.  My feet started swelling when training for my last marathon and I was told to loosen my laces and get a 1/2 size larger running shoe and that the swelling was normal.   But now my feet have started to swell alot more often, not just when exercising.  They are especially bad after a night of going out even if I have only had one or two alcoholic bevs, when I wake up it feels like there is fluid in my feet.  I am worried b/c I eat very healthy, no added salt  and not big on bread, but diabetes runs in my fam.  Does anyone have a clue whats wrong with me?
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Count me in too.  I went from a size 7 medium to an 81/2 Wide shoe. Two doctors said Lympheditis becasue I was over the hill.  They said this is quite common in "older ladies"  ha ha and is cosmetic only.  Well, I don't think so.  I look at all "over the hill" ladies feet when I am out an about and NO ONE has feet that look like mine.  It is mainly the top of the feet that look distorted and I cannot get a shoe to go on that humpty dumpty, swelling. My feet feel tight and I cannot move the toes.  My thyroid doctor said soemtimes sluggish thyroid can cause this. He put me on Synthroid yesterday but I am still not convinced and will see a pulmonologist to rule out a heart related problem.  I do have heart stents but cardio said no theart related.  We shall see.  Good Luck to you all.
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I have declaired war on my foot swelling.  I am somewhat overweight, and aged 60 yet I too don't beleive that that  is enough of an esxplanation for the swollen foot prob.  I have seen a regular MD, (more water pills, an otrho person humm??? and last week a podiatrist.  The Podiatrist gave me the best advise so far  and it is working.  I am wearing those terrible compression stockings even to bed.  Except for the times I am swimming or kayaking I have those stockings on. Ugly but  The swelling is better.  It is  not all gone but is much decreased.  He said basically we will be trying to MILK IT.    He also mentioned that some physical therapists work with people who have lymphadima and that he thinks there might be some things they could recommend.  I am also trying to make sure I am moving my feet as much as I can.  You know raising your toes and rotating your feet in circular motions.  I am glad I am not the only one with this.  Good luck to all.  
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I'm 34, thin and athletic, and the tops of my feet are swelling too!!  I thought maybe it was the heat (living in Texas).  By the end of the day, I can't even slip into my sandals because my feet are so swollen.  I'm not on any medication, don't salt my food, and eat pretty healthy.  I just had a physicl in April and everything checked out.  What's going on?  
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I had the same problem as you, but I'm 20 years old and I am in the Air Force.  My feet would swell so bad during my PRT (physical readiness trainting) that I would go back to the barracks in the morning afterwards and practically have to pry my sneakers off of my feet.  You might not believe me when I tell you, but I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure when I went to the doctor a few weeks after it started happening.  I only eat at the Chow Hall (no McDonald's for me) and I asked the doctor if that could have been the cause of it and he said, "No, your blood pressure is caused by stress."  If I'm not mistaking, stress causes EVERYTHING.  So, I went to my family doctor that I've gone to since I was a kid when I was on leave this past month.  He said that my High Blood Pressure was indeed caused by my rise in stress and anxiety.  I was prescribed by the military doctor generic blood pressure medication and then my family doctor prescribed me a mild dose of depression medication.  I can honestly say that I have not had any problems with my  feet swelling and I've been feeling great during the day.
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I find that "Fit for Life" theories do marvels for my swollen ankles. No mixing of carbs and proteins .At least two litres of water a day......... yes I urinate a lot . Fruit salad and  No added sugar fruit juices till midday .and for example.... I slice of wholegrain toast with avocado , small amount  of Aioli and  big pile of alpha sprouts for lunch, small piece of steak   with vegetables for supper. If you have the steak you have no carbs like potato. Try it!!!  No harm done!!!I have no affiliations with the Fit for Life people.
I usually have no additive breakfast cereal like muesli, salad sandwich for lunch etc. meat and veggies for supper and no end of problems with my legs swelling. Bulging out of my shoes   .A diet considered healthy!!! I do have kidney issues, diagnosed with Nephritis. I  have taken a BP Pill and diuretic' for some years but it didn't stop my legs swelling. Only a change of diet did that' My BP is dropping.
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I can not sleep. I have swollen ankles, feet turning purple with heat coming through my socks.  It is unbearable.   I was at the ER last night and they precribed water pills, predisone, and gave me a needle in my back for the inflammation. I was realesed they said, it was a flare up from my LUPUS> I don't bleive it. The pain is unbearable, I can not walk now.  Could anyone help to find out what this is.>>>> Thanks
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i'm 36 and was pregnant with my 7th child and my left foot swelled up after he was born the doctor gave me water pills to take the swelling down and it didn't work. it took 2 years before i had a doctor tell me i have lymphadima in my leg and if i didn't take care of it that in time my leg would swell so bad that water would leak out. which i saw with my dad before he died. i was told that the thing that makes the water in your body pump through had collapsed from having to many kids. the pain is now in my whole leg from the hip down. and my toes are so swollen that they are cracked.
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This happens to me, but I believe I've figured it out... No high blood pressure, no pregnancy, low sodium intake so I've always wondered what it could be... It happens if I drink alcohol and do not sleep it off. If go to happy hour during the week and do not sleep until my body is fully rested (i.e. getting up when the alarm goes off on a weekday rather than sleeping til I can't sleep anymore on the weekend), my ankles swell like crazy until I get that full night's sleep. They don't hurt but are ugly and feel tight.. and it comes back every day until I get that sleep.
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I have been dealing with swelling in my feet, legs and hands sometimes my whole body for about a year now and ive been given blood pressure pills and lasix, had IV pushed diuretics and spent 2 days in ICU for swelling and water gain at which time they took 7 lbs of fluid off me. I was told that at 262 lbs my weight was causing it, then I was told I had congestive heart failure at 39 years old.  FInally I was sent to a Cardiologist who performed a heart cath on me.  MY cholesteral, trigliserides and all blood tests were normal, no blockages, no beginnings of blockages...HOWEVER they did find two vavles in my heart that arent closing properly, that causees blood to flow back into the heart.  I can controll the swelling by staying away from SALt, salt ladened foods (NO BACON) and most ppl dont realize this but carbonated drinks can cause this as well.  I am a die hard Dr. Pepper drinker but even 1 small can willl cause my ankles to be swollen within an hour of drinking it.  This morning a co-worker bought me breakfast and even tho I knew i shouldnt I ate it and it had small bits of bacon in it..not to mention the fact that she also brought me a Dr. Pepper and yes I drank that as well...Now here I sit with puffy ankles and feet that dont want to go in my shoes.  I suggest all of you  cut out the following items from your diet for one month and you'll see a change in the swelling as well as the scales.  Soda, anything containing more then 50mg of sodium, rice, breads (ecspecially white),  pasta, and potatoes & above all ALCOHOL..It can do some weird things to your body since having my gal bladder out i cant even take one sip much less to being drunk or buzzed or im in for a terrible swelling and hang over the next hour ...I know I know whats left you say..So did I but I havent felt this good in years.  Drink atleast 64oz of water a day (you can even use the crystal light packets) and all the tea and coffee you can handle, watch for sodium in fruit juices.  ITS NOT YOUR WEIGHT PPL.....That doesnt make you swell...my defective valves and what I put in my body makes me swell.  Read labels on everything...be careful with low sodium soups...they can actually have up to 90mg of sodium in them. We cook alot of fresh vegetables in seam-in bags and use tons of fresh garlic, salt free lemon pepper, mrs dash...theres so much flavor out there other then salt.  Keep in mind that even if you dont salt your food while cooking or on the plate..if it came from a can its probably got alot already added to it..look for bags of frozen vegetables if you prefer.  And by the Way ive lost 45 lbs in 2 months just by cutting out those items.  HOPE this helped someone.
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Thank you for your post.  I'm 47, female and about 10lb over weight.  I know its not major weight but its not coming off.  I developed HBP 3 years ago after a dog bit my lip off and went thru plastic surgeries, a bazillion drugs and therapy.  Along with asthema.  I know its all related.  Today I was a volunteer at a dog adoption event - standing in the heat (84 degrees) for a few hours and after about an hour, I squatted down and my knees were SO tight!  Then I noticed my ankles being swollen.  I had not taken my HBP pill and it contains 25mg of a dieuretic.  I ran home and popped that pill.  It seemed to help but something isnt right.  My EKG shows I may have had a mild heart attack in the past but after seeing a cardiologist he said everything was fine.  Last night we had a nasty cheap bottle of wine (loads of sulfites) so I'm thinking between that, heat and no pill caused my swelling.  Its either that or my heart.  I'm not sure.  Scary absolutely...
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I have the same problem.  I am 24, in the air force, i run all the time, i just got back from a 100 mile hike in spain and it is worse than ever!  I am so worried.  i went to the doctor and all they gave me was a diuretic.

my blood and urine tests are normal, my blood pressure is normal, they claim "nothing" is wrong with me...

my ankles and feet are soooo swollen that it hurts to walk.  I have sharp pain in my left ankle.  I wish i knew what was going on...

this IS a condition they just haven't found it yet or know what it is... i will figure it out...
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swelling ( edema) of feet and ankles is common after a surgery or giving birth or while in third trimester of pregnancy,,,,other than that its a symptom not to be over looked, it usually a coronary symptom,,,please all of you see your doctor,,
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