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Swimming with period, no tampon?

Hi i just got my period today and i have a 4 hour pool party tomorrow. I can't use a tampon so i was wondering how can i swim? I really need suggestions please help!!! thanks
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Time to learn to put a tampon in.  Get the kind that has a cardboard applicator, like Tampax.  Get the box that has a variety of sizes, and start practicing with the smallest one.  If you can feel it when it is in, you need to push it in further.
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dear...i wil suggest not to swim...because during these days...body temperature increases...so keep your body in normal relax state....if you dont care then when you turn 30+ you will get certain joints and muscles problems....
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I definitely would suggest learning to put in a tampon.  I find things like Playtex Sport have the easiest applicator.  You can swim just fine.  

Without a tampon or something to absorb the blood, you run the risk of all sorts of embarrassment.
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If you worried about toxic shock from tampons, try menstrual cups
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