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Swollen and itchy labia (vagina)

On Monday, my husband and I had sex. After three or four days after, I felt discomfort in my vagina as it felt swollen, itchy and painful at the same time. On Friday, we had sex again and the pain doesnt still went away. What can I do to ease the discomfort that I am feeling? Please help. The discomfort that I am feeling is killing me. Everytime I pee, it is as well painful but not that much. I also dont know if the discharge is normal, the color is whitish/yellowish. Can I just apply petroleum or anything that will help me soothe the pain???
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I might be wrong but I think you got a yeast infection or vaginal infection. You should go to the doctor to get tested, but if you don't want to go to them then you should get a Monistat Vaginal Antifungal Cream and Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel. They sells this at any regular grocery with a female section. Also you should ask your husband to get tested.
I just have one more question, can I still have sex during medication? And do you have an idea if we have that vaginal cream here in the Philippines?
Believe it or not, yeast can be passed back and forth between partners.  I'd use a condom until you are yeast free. good luck
Thank you!
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I totally agree with awkwardchild that this does sound like a yeast infection.  If you've never had one, see your doctor for confirmation or use the Monostat one day ovule sold OTC which works well for me.  The wipes and cream cut down on discomfort while the med works.  You use the monstat treatment ovules at night while you sleep (wear a pad) good luck
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I went through the same thing, it maybe a yeast infection. Dont use ANY soap on your vag, dont let him nut inside you, drink alot of water, and vitamin C. Take a apple cider vinegar bath or soak a tampon in acv and water and insert it for 30mins for 7 days . Pee before and after sex. Wear a condom during this process until you notice your ph level going back to normal. Or use the antibiotic  Monistat people say it tingles but imma keep it real with you from my experience it burned inside. Do what you gotta do boo good luck :)
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