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Swollen groin lymph node...could a yeast infection be the cause?

I suspect I might have a yeast infection (slight itchiness that's come and gone for months now) and I have an appointment for later in the week, but I'm kinda freaking out right now. I developed a painful pimple-like bump on my right "panty line" area and beside that is a flesh colored bump that I believe is a swollen lymph node. Could this be from the suspected yeast infection?
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Usually a reactive lymph node doesn't hurt. You may just have an infected hair follicle or cyst. Try to keep your hands off of it so it doesn't become infected. Yeast infections are very itchy. It's generally from your vagina though.  And you usually have clumpy discharge with it. You may have dermatitis or eczema which is more skin related and causes itching.  That would be more likely to cause a bump like you describe. Your doctor should be able to help you determine what is going on but would not worry about anything serious. When is your doctors appointment?
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Oh, I don't think it's so much the lymph node that hurts as it is the pimple-like bump right beside it... I experience a bit of itchiness every now and then but it's not constant or all that bad. I don't have clumpy discharge either. What actually started this all were two very painful sores on my vulva that burned and tingled. (There's no way virgins can get herpes though...right...) After those went away, I just thought the mild symptoms I had left would go away on their own, but nope. The swollen lymph node sent me into a panic, so I can hardly wait to see the doctor tomorrow and just find out what's going on. I certainly hope it's nothing serious. Thank you for your response!
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