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Swollen labia minora

For the past few months evertime my period ends my vagina is irritated,i am on birth control im not sure If that could be causing a ph imbalance. I thought it was a yeast infection but its not because i would treat it, it would go away and the next month when my period comes the irritation comes back. My vagina lips have tiny bumps all over i think thet have always been there its jus now the are inflamed,red and itchy at times...sticky clear fluid come from these bumps when touched,i try to avoid panties because they would stick to my vagina because of the fluid in the bumps.the fluid kind of looks like sweat but is sticky. When i pee it does not burn unless i scratch my vagina enough then it burns. My clit is also swollen and have tiny red bumps around the skin that covers it. The clit itself as a cloudy white coat around it that i have tried to wash off but no success,only irritates my vagina more. My libia minora as gotten so swollen that it closes up the entraces to the uterus,its swollen to the point where its bigger than the libia major
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wow, that's a lot of stuff going on.  Since this is cyclic and associated with your period, the best thing to do is to set up an appointment for when you are expecting your period next and when these conditions are usually present.  Let the doctor see for themselves.  Don't be embarrassed as this is the doctor's job and they WANT to treat you.  If not, do your best to describe exactly what is happening and explain it to your doctor.  But this sounds like something that you need a medical care giver to guide you through.  Perhaps you have an allergy to the sanitary items you use?  I don't know.  See your doctor though and I would do so promptly.  good luck
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