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Swollen (sore) bump under skin by vagina

3 days ago I woke up without the bump, but throughout the day the area around the left side of my vagina became increasingly sore. It wasnt till i came home that i took a look at it. Its a hard pea-sized bump under my skin, and can be pushed around a bit. I was thinking it was a cyst, but is it normal for it to develop within 8 hours? I normally have a bit of vaginal discharge, but it seems to have increased the past few days. Any ideas for what it might be? I don't think it is an STD because i havent seen my boyfriend since the summer... so haven't had sex since then ( he has been my only partner). Worried because it came so suddenly and it hurts when i walk (underwear rubs against it).
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Sounds like an ingrown hair or maybe a swollen gland. Apply hot compresses and don't be surprised if it drains. If you are worried, you can see a Dermatologist. Not an uncommon problem, so don't be embarrassed or worry yourself too much. Good luck.
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Thanx for such a quick reply! and thanx for the advice
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Joann is right on. I've had one before-ingrown hair. Hurts though! Try soaking in a hot bath. That should help.
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Hey just wanted to reply and thank the responses. I have the EXACT same problem as the first entree except mine is slightly above the vaginal area. The bump came out of nowhere! Ill apply a hot towel while I do my hw and hope that it goes down.
Thanx again:)
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I have the same thing..... I get one every so often... my doctor checked me for std's and everything she didnt what it was. Ive now put it down to swollen glands because i cant think of anything else!

Does anyone else had more that one at different times?

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I as well have had these swollen glands at times.  They come and go.  I did have 4 removed as they did not go away or decrease in size.  Since then they happen less often, but still do occur.  Unfortunately, I have one right now that is back in the place where one was removed.  Ouch!!
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I also have three little bumps that are extremly swollen around my vagina that one day ago i started to feel alot of pressure that hurt so i went and took a look and there are 3 bumps, that looks like they have white heads, but dont pop...and they are also really hard!, any advice, and i have never had sexual intercourse..any advice
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i have a bump right below my vagina, and i just found it. it hurts a lot, and i don't know what to do about it. i'm not sexually active, so i don't know what it is. i just found it like, an hour ago.
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I too have had something like that but found it was a pimple just like you get on the face or so. Sometimes it will burst and drain, but very painful!
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Hi i have found a lump it comes and goes, had it for around 8yr but each time it reappears it is bigger so went to the doctors and have to go see gynocologist. The lump is kind of in the groin (between my leg and the outer vagina area) the doctor has said it could be a bartholomew cyst. Its a cyst that sits in a pocket of the groin and when it swells up it drops and lays just above the skin and if pressed is very painful but it does not move around like some of you have mentioned. Mine usualy shows when i am sexualy active after a time of not being active, this time it came up and i have not been sexualy active and has been swollen now for 4wk and thort it best to have it checked. Has any of you been the same? I am gay so its definatly nothing a guy is causing to happen. Any advise would be appreciated.
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I am going to have my bartholomew cyst cut open & drained tomorrow.  He is going to put some kind of stitch to hold it open so it will drain & not fill up again.  Wish me luck!
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I also have a lump next to my vagina. It sounds most like sierra1218's lump. I haven't shaved in awhile so I really don't think its an ingrown hair. Its about the size of a nickel and it hurts really bad. I also had a lump in my face right above my jaw that was about the same size and also hurt a lot. That was maybe two weeks ago and it went away. I'm really worried about it and I'm thinking about going to the gynecologist.
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