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My vagina and vagina slips have been itching terribly on and off for 3 weeks. It is embarrassing. It began during my menstrual when I washed down there with soap I usually do not use ( Irish spring, I regularly use dove) For the first few days it burned so I stopped using soap at all. I only use white wash clothes. The itch subsided but then came back. There is no smell, unusual discharge or rash. I was a little sore from rubbing. I have one sex partner and he is responsible when it comes to his health.

For 2 days I've been using Eurcerin wash and lotion and I feel much better. I want to make sure the itch does not return. WHAT COULD THE PROBLEM BE?
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It very well could be either a true yeast infection (don't wash up in your vagina) or a reaction to the soap.  I'd go ahead and eat probiotic yogurt (like Dannon activita) or take a probiotic supplement, cut back on sugar and wear cotton undies.  If the itch returns, you really need to see a doctor for proper diagnosis.  good luck
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Yes I was thinking yeast infection but could it be without smell or discharge?
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