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so im 22 and a have a few pounds extra on me, got into a serious car accident gained a few cause of it and my mobility issues and right after the car accident , i was super stressed and got a yeast infection, have had it for over 2 and a half years, can barely have sex, driving me nuts, hurts so bad, its on my but too, cant sleep, in pain, take acidopholus and cranberry extract everyday, also calcium and chromium, drink lotsa water and eat yogurt everyday, tried monistat, , and conestin, and hard core anti biotics, WONT GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME..............been tested for aids and hiv and came back negative for the last 4 years too....need help or i will go insane! thanks
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You need to find a vulvo/vaginal pain clinic or a gyn who is up-to-date with chronic pain.   Call around. Ask if the doc deals with chronic issues, or if they know of someone who does. I would stop treating yourself, it may not be yeast.

Try sitz baths, cool cloths or ice packs. Just be careful not to leave the ice on to long, you don't want to damage the tissue any further. Cut out excessive sugar or acidic food to see if this helps. Do you know whether or not you are alergic to gluten or other foods? Don't wear tight underwear or clothes. Wash yourself with only water. Try dye free and perfume free clothes detergent. Do not use douches or any type of 'feminen product' they are evil!

Look up info for chronic yeast infections, vulvodynia or vestibulitus.  You also might want to check out Dr. Glazer's website,  vulvodynia.com.  He also has a book with some good info.  An even better book is, 'The 'V' book' written by Dr. Elizabeth Stewart.  There is a wealth of information in the book that every woman should know. There are also some helpful ladies on the yahoo groups, vulvar disorders, and vulvodynia support.

Be persisent with your docs if you aren't finding any relief. If he/she gives you attitude, tell them you are finding someone else. Bring any information that you have found that sounds similiar to your symptoms. Many docs are still unaware of things like vulvodynia. There is treatment out there, you just need to find the right doc to get a proper diagnosis.

I hope some of this helps.
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Have you been tested for diabetes?
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i have had a yeast infection for over 2 months and have tried everything.  medication, yogurt and garlic in my vagina, and it won't go away! i take acidophilus every day and still nothing.  help!
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