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Taking aspirin to achieve pregnancy

Hi, I have just been told by my sister that a friend of hers was ttc for a few years and finally got pregnant after taking a dose of aspirin everyday.  My dh and I have been trying for 2 years, and I'm thinking about trying it.  Is there anyone on here that has heard of it, or gotten pregnant from it?  I would like to know if there is any risks. Thanks
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It is to prevent clotting which can sometimes cause issues. Take the coated low dose baby aspirin...not the chewables. Ask your OB what they recommend too!
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Why not the chewables?
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There was a similiar post a while back and I always regretted not responding since I know someone who was given the same advice about taking one baby aspirin a day while trying to conceive. She was told that in some couples, the woman's body rejects the sperm since it perceives it as a foreign body. So, the baby aspirin does not make the situation "neutral" as such, but acts as an antibotic (Not technically, of course) of sorts allowing the "foreign" sperm to enter the lining of the egg. It is almost as if the female body acts as if it is allergic to the sperm and the baby aspirin helps the body accept the sperm.

My friend explained this better, but this was the gist of it. My friend was pregnant in about three months after trying for years and years...I  think she took St. Joseph Baby Aspirin.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your comments ladies.  They were very helpful.
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Taking the chewable baby aspirin long term can be really hard on your stomach. THat's why the coated ones are recommended.
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snorchy!  where have you been - i missed you!
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