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Tampon trouble

I'm 15 and I've had my period for about 4 years now and I have always used pads. I've tried tampons before and I get scared with them. I gave up for a while and now I've been trying to practice using them but I can't seem to get it. I experience excruciating pain. Will I ever be able to use them?
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Have you thought of trying a menstral cup like "diva cup"? I love it! Walmart or a drug store would have it. I used to get instant cramps when I used tampons, so I switched to the cup! Love it! Less messy, no smell! You dump it when full and rinse clean and reuse. You just have to look at the directions for putting it in correctly. After a few cycles you should get the hang of how to put it in.
I will have to look into it more. Is it visible or does it go inside?
It goes in side you and you have to make sure you clean it out
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It's a clear cup that's bendable like rubber or silicone  that you insert inside like a tampon. Pull out when full and pour into toilet. Clean in sink with mild soap and warm water, then reinsert
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You don't even feel it if you do it right
I think that's my problem though. I can't insert it right and no matter how many times I do it it doesn't go in right. And again, I don't know if my body is fit for things to go inside...but I will have to give this a try! Thank you!
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Not sure what kind of tampons you have tried, but When you insert a dry cardboard applicator tampon into a not lubricant place it will not feel nice or work well. With the cup, you wash it before you insert it and it goes in a lot easier.
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