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Tender nipples, skipped period using birth control?

I skipped my period this time using birth control, because I got exams coming up, and the last thing I need is cramps and blood. But this is far from the first time I've done this, but I never noticed my nipples (not the entire breast) being so tender.
I know that around and after ovulation, this is normal. But I'm 5 days in my new pack.
I'm not quit sure what skipping does to ones body, other than keeping the endometrium thin, so that a possible zygote won't implant.

Can skipping my period explain why I feel so tender and sore around my nipples..? It's been like that for 1,5-2 weeks now.
The fact that both are tender (left one a bit more) makes me think it hormonal..?
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I do get nipple sensitivity in relation to hormonal things.  I'm not sure why your hormones would be shifting to cause that since you just maintained the pill. But that is the likeliest of culprits.  Make sure you have a good, supportive bra on at all times.  That helps.
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Have you been drinking a lot more caffeine than usual? That can do it.
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No, I don't drink coffee or energy drinks
Nor tea, nor "Mountain Dew" nor Coke, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper?
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