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Thick Endometrial Lining

I had a c-section April 13, 2009 (10 weeks ago) and ever since then I have had abdominal pain, lower back pain and occasional pelvic pain. Also, abnormal bleeding. I have not had my period since then but have spotted brown blood since the c-section. I kept going back to my ob/gyn telling him that something was wrong. Finally, on my 7th week post partum he said that my uterus lining was inflammed and prescribed Doxycycline. This didn't help so I went back. He said that he thought it was my bowels and to go see a GP. I begged him for an ultrasound so it was finally performed. In the meantime, I went to my GP and had blood tests ran. The next morning, the ultrasound tech said that everything looked fine with the exception that my uterus lining measured 1.8 cm. She said that it could be from retained tissue or endometritis. So, I had a D&C this morning and the doc said that we won't know anything for a week. He mentioned that it looked like my hormones were out of whack and not letting my uterus shed the lining. So I went home not knowing any answers. Then  I got the blood test results back from my GP when I got home from the D&C and all my hormones are normal. After having to go back to my doctor numerous times, I have completely lost all faith with my doctor and I am not even sure he will correctly diagnose my problem. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I forgot to mention that I have been on YAZ birth control for 3 1/2 weeks (since he my 6 week checkup).
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Hi, just read ur comments n wanted to know how u feel after the d/c? i have been going thru something similar n have been adviced to have a d/c......just not sure whether it actually solves or reduces the problem at all.please update me so i can make up my mind.
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