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Throbbing clitoris/urethra no pain help please serious question

I've had this symptom for ages now it's like a throbbing or a pulse/beating somewhere near my clitoris or urethra. I can't tell which one :( I tried looking but it doesn't seem to throb at that time. It's worse if I have my legs crossed or straight out when I'm laying down. It's not because I'm turned on .. It doesn't feel Nice it's just so annoying!!!!

It doesn't really happen when I'm standing up. Please does anyone know what can cause this?? There's no pain and I can't think what would be causing this. Or how to tell where it is coming from. I've noticed if I apply pressure to that area it stops. Also. It occurs more if I need a wee.

It doesn't have a pattern it occurs, it's just random.
It's so frustrating. Sometimes I just want to sit down and relax without feeling it, but I can't.
Thanks :( I'm do desperate for answers I've searched everywhere :(
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Oh my god I thought I was the only one or should I say I felt like the only one I suffer from the same thing mine started last April with what I thought was an everyday tract infection so thought I should go and get antibiotics but after a few days they definitely weren't working and I have been suffering ever since.
I had a hysterectomy in 2014 and twelve months plus later I started getting all these problems throbbing feeling of your vagina being swollen burning sensation and even with taking recommended products like mannose it still hangs on and is so uncomfortable.
My gynie says its definitely not there side that is the problem as they have done all the checks so now its down to waiting for a cystoscopy for anything they can pick up from the bladder and that's been cancelled twice so I am really glad ive found this website and perhaps I can get some answers.
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Hi lipsy!
I'm sorry you have had these symptoms as well :( it seems a lot of people have similar feelings and they are probably all related. It's just so frustrating when no doctors can seem to help.
And yes it's been three years and I have still have the same symptoms lol. Just hasn't gone away. I recently got this tingly feeling in my clitoris or vagina idk where because I can't pin point it. But it was constant and very annoying. It also felt like a pressure in my lower stomach. It went away but I get it when ion stressed sometimes.

I never thought I would get this many replies on this thread.
If anyone has the same or similar symptoms please add a message to this thread! Because you're not alone and it'll help others! :) I come back and check every now and then - it's a tab on my phones internet browser lol.
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Hello. Ive been recently been going through this. Right now Im layin down and my clit or whatever down below is throbbing like crazy. Almost like a feeling I need to pee really bad. This has been going on and off for 2 months. So I will need to go to the doctors to take a test. Its not painful, just really annoying.
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anyone have any answers? I've noticed this post is from a few years ago so I'm hoping there's some new updates? I just started feeling this way down there a few weeks ago. you're right- super annoying!! although mine is slightly painful due to the pressure/ throbbing. As weird as it is to say, it feels like I need to push something out almost!
I was concerned right away since I've never felt this feeling before and went to my dr. of course tried telling me it was a UTI... I've had a few UTI's before and this is definitely not that!!
Your right about feeling like something feels like is trying to push out of me. I had a hysterectomy In 2000 and im 51 and feel as those sometimes when I stand the throbbing and cat kneading sensations on my buttocks turns into feeling like I have a baby in my canal.  I hate it
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Yeah I'm stil here. I made the post in the first place lol. I have no answers :( it just gets worse when I'm stressed. Have u read all the posts? Might be some help there. Yeah it's not a UTI... Keep getting told that tho :/
Marcieshiloh give us an update when you go to the doctors and have an update. Would be appreciated!
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Hi ladies... I too have been searching for answers.
I've found a medical term that has just recently been associated with these symptoms... PGAD (progressive genital arrousal disorder).
There are several interesting articles on the internet.
One of the common factors that women have reported is that many of them had recently quit taking anti-deppresents, specifically, SSRI's or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.
I had been taking Fluoxetine for 7 years before I weened off it last May.
My symptoms suddenly started 6 months later.
I'm 57 years old & had never needed to masterbate until these symptoms started... (so, to the lady earlier, I doubt that is what's causing it)... I started using a hormonal replacement cream & I can't tell if it's helping much yet.
My symptoms do appear to "cycle", meaning I have a couple weeks of "good days" before the throbbing starts up again & lasts usually 5 or 6 days.
Good luck to you all... & please share if you find a cure.
It's so good to know we aren't alone... but I wouldn't wish this on anyone!
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Sorry... correction!
PGAD is "Persistant" Genital Arrousal Disorder...
not "progressive"
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Hi! You're not alone! I've always had this feeling since I can remember!like you mentioned, the uncomfortable feeling is most prominent when I lay down or sit. And no pain associated at all, at least for me.if there is pain, I'm assuming it's a bigger health issue. Go see your doctor! Otherwise, I don't know what causes it or why it happens but I can tell you one way to relieve the feeling is if after you urinate and the throbbing begins when you either sit or lay down, go back and sit on the toilet and let that last drop of urine out and literally sit there and feel your urethra "open" for a while until you feel its comfortable again. That always helps. I think it just needs to expand after you urinate, idk why either.but that should help. Let me know if it helps!
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Idk why there are all these weird signs and numbers in between some letters or words but to clarify I typed......to literally let your urethra open. Again,I hope this helps
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Oh and also, if that doesn't quite work, take a quick rinse of your whole body for like 5 to 10 minutes. That works too. Doing either one makes the feeling go away all the time!
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I too have these symptoms been to GPs and gynaecologist no answers totally fed up , it feels ok am and if I didn't drink at all it's fine but as soon as I drink and need to pee the throbbing starts sitting and lying down are terrible wish someone had an answer
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Wow that is literally the same as me! If anyone gets any answers please let us know!!!!
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This is crazy!!! I thought I was going crazy!!! I think my family and friends think I'm crazy!! So like most of u I have been to the urologist, had the cystoscope done, and had antibiotics x 3!!!!! I feel constant stimulation somewhere down there that seems to be worse when I am sitting and I can literally go to the bathroom 10xs at night and most of the time it's just a very very small amt!!! The OB that I see is a nurse practitioner so now she is sending me on to a specialist! Since Aug 2015 abt 3x for what we thought were UTIs my MD ofc just did dips, then flagyl vag gel for 7 days and then I just did PO Flagyl the boric acid vag ge for 21 days and yep u guessed it no relief! However, she did give me some lidocaine gel that helps! Also, she started me on Noritriptiline(sp) a tricyclic antidepressant! Tonight is the first night so not sure if it's going to help! Also she thinks I have Vulvadynia!!!' I do have a cyst, IUD (which I have had three) I have been wondering if it's moved and pinched a nerve, I am bad at only drinking soda!!!! This is really mentally exhausting!!! If I get this fig out!!! I'll keep u guys posted!
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Hi everyone!
Lenozi, I had this exact same problem in 2013. I was a young teenager (I think 14), and went through my first breakup. As I said, I was 14, and my boyfriend was my last friend, so I was also very lonely and so... well, you get the picture. My problem wasn't obvious at first, then built up during the day (I had used a back massager on my girl parts [clitoris in particular]), but it was way too much for me, then the pulsing and weird urethra/clitoris sensation began).
For about a year, I slept with a pillow between my legs, cried every day, suffered from massive anxiety attacks during the night. I went through 2 medi-center appointments, 2 gyno visits, and 1 trip to the ER. They did a swab for BV (bacterial vaginosis) when I went to the ER; and it came back positive. I was so relived! They gave me a prescription and over a short amount of time after taking the pills, the whole thing came to an end...
That is, until about two months ago when I was a complete FOOL and used the massager again when my family was out. My symptoms are back and they say it isn't BV this time—well, at first they had, and had given me a prescription; but I waited too long to tell them my symptoms were persisting, they did another swab, gave me another, longer prescription, called and said my BV was positive, and called again and said it was negative. It's really unclear to me what I have, but I know it isn't PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder) for these reasons:
1. It disappeared completely once. PGAD is said to not disappear nor cure itself.
2. While masturbating helps subside it for a brief period, which has a likeness to PGAD, if I go without masturbating, I do not have spontaneous orgasms, which people with PGAD do (this is all coming from what I have researched).
3. PGAD is spontaneous. Lenozi, you're the person I can relate the most to here as you said it only comes when you think about it, or are stressed. If I focus on it, it gets worse, but it's not spontaneous.
What I personally think this is, considering the condition in which it was brought upon myself, both times, is nerve damage, which heals over time. However, I know a lot of you have had this, or what is similar to this for much longer than I have, and I want to reach out to you.
Back in 2013 when I had this the first time around, I took Vicodin (in halves) to ease myself. This helped at night, it tamed my nerves and nether regions long enough to fall asleep. It is probably what got me through that year. Please be careful, Vicodin is very addictive, don't let yourself become reliant on it! My Grandmother is a Physical Therapist, and as this seems to be stress related, she urges you to get Vitamin B stress tabs. In my case, this niggling feeling feeds anxiety, which in return feeds it. The less stressed you feel, the less you're likely to get anxiety attacks, therefore, it would be less likely for to you get anxiety down there as well (we could almost call this "Genital Anxiety").
I've heard great things about D-Mannose (as KN2015 mentioned), and while it's used to treat UTIs, it wouldn't hurt to try them to see if they help you personally. Make sure to check into the side effects though!
And Summer's Eve wash may help, it seems like a stretch but that nasty smegma stuff seems like it could play a part in this, along with your PH balance; Summer's Eve is supposed to help with both (I think [I haven't tried D-Mannose nor Summer's Eve vaginal soap, I surely will next paycheck]).
The medication they prescribed me for BV is called "Metronidazole". This helps in my opinion!

The first time this came about, I almost obsessively researched Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and PGAD. I don't think that's what this is. We all may be medical anomalies, but I like to keep optimistic and think that we can fight this reasonably with an already-existing medical term and the coinciding medication. I've seen this to the end and have come out the other side before, I can be rid of it again, as I believe you all can. This is not forever, girls. Everything WILL be okay!
Just to go over everything in a nice, neat little list, here are the things to try and my experiences with them:

1. GET A BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) CULTURE DONE! If you have BV*, they'll most likely prescribe you Metronidazole.
*I forgot to mention that if you research BV, you'll find near to none of our symptoms. Don't let this phase you. This is what I had been diagnosed with the first time, and I took Metronidazole which is what knocked it out of the park.

2. Vicodin (eases stress all over, but VERY addictive, take in halves! I cannot stress that enough. if you can get your hands on some, do not take it constantly, just maybe if you're losing sleep or having an especially horrid day).

3. Vitamin B tabs (these are over-the-counter, they're to help with stress too!)

4. D-Mannose (said to help with UTIs—which this is NOT, but it might help us!)

5. Summer's Eve Feminine Hygiene products (soap, wipes, spray, whatever you feel you need. keeping sanitary can only do better than good!)

6. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction exercises may help you! Research them!

7. Train your mind to automatically go to another topic when you think of the Genital Anxiety (this is what I'm naming it). Thinking about it makes you more anxious. Keep your mind busy, be it with work, a book, a tv show... being around friends really helps!

8. I heard a good exercise for people with anxiety is to give their condition a shape, a color, a personality, and a name. Perhaps you should try embodying your issue, and forming a relationship with it. This may make you feel better about the whole ordeal.
If it's really acting up one day, don't get angry at it. Instead of seeing it as a teeth-gritting threat, pretend that it is just as frightened as you are. If this issue were a person, it would probably very scared and anxious like it makes you. Comfort, tell it (and indirectly, or directly, yourself) that it's going to be okay—because it IS going to be okay.

9. Pray. I'm not sure what all of your religious beliefs are, but I personally am a Christian who believes with one touch Jesus could rid me of this nasty hecking thing. I will be keeping all of you in my prayers, I know this is a rancid situation which seems has no end. But it DOES. As with the keeping clean, praying could only do better than worse.

I'm only 17. I do not plan on living with frantic/sensitive/anxious/sort of sting-y????/YUCKY genitals my entire life.
Whether this is nerve damage from the massager, bacteria, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, a rare undiscovered close cousin to a UTI, or literally anything else, I have survived it. I have been rid of it for three years, and I plan on getting it out of me again, for good this time. It may take me another year, but it's outta here!

Know that I sympathize with all of you. I just made a new Skype account, hot off the press if any of you want to get in personal contact with me, my username is "funprill". Sincerely, I'm wishing you all the best of mental and physical health.
I'll check back, it feels nice to know that there is a community of us in this small corner of the Internet. I've searched and searched for people with my exact symptoms, and this feels like it. Actually, I sort of feel like I was meant to find this forum.

We will all get through this.

And, in the slight chance that we cannot—there are people who live through pain everyday. They are strong, and we are too. There are still people who love us, and people we have yet to meet who will love us, too. We can have normal lives, and sex lives (for the medical record, I've never had sex, this is not an STD). We can be us.
In the midst of the attacks, it feels like nothing will get better, but it will.

God bless you all.

Wow! Thank you so much, this is such a comforting post... It feels like we have the same kind of symptoms! It's really comforting to hear someone's else's story, not good that you have the same thing, but it's nice to know I'm not alone! I will try the things you mentioned, just thinking about it now brought it back haha! Ugh... What an annoying thing to deal with :/
I check back here every so often so I'll be putting updates if anything changes :) x
Wow exactly. Only 17 when you wrote this. You are a very special lady with grear talents. If this post is anything to go by, you are going to do well in life. Even with this stupid and annoying problem we all have xx
Ooops.... your talents
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Wow! Summer ... this was such a comforting post. Thank you so much for your uplifting words.
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I have commented on this problem in January with similar symptoms as others and I am pleased to say I would say I am probably 75/80% back to feeling normal again after seeing a fabulous caring urologist who to me saved my sanity
He has explained to me that when you go through any part of the menopause after hysterectomy or normal practice your inner tissues dry out and become sticky which is why I had the constant burning and urgency of needing to go wee and I had been getting unnecessary treatment for uti when this wasn't the case.
So the consultant has now given me hormone pessary vagifem and tablets to expand my bladder to full capacity he has explained and given me diagrams of his findings and has told me if I ever need him to contact him directly at the hospital and he will see me and try to help but has said its best to live at 75/80% than have internal investigations and make things ten times worse I can honestly say I feel so much better thanks to him for which I will be eternally grateful.xx
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Hi everyone, I'm new here but I found this thread in hopes of finding a cure to these symptoms but it seems like there isn't one, and I'm going to be living with it for a while. It started as a small UTI after sex. I took my cranberry pills, drank my water, the UTI seemed to clear up. Except for this one thing. A pulsing in my urethra/clitoris, I can't seem to pinpoint which one. It's been happening for a couple weeks now. I notice the sensations the most when I've been holding in my pee. (I've been paranoid that I'm peeing too much, so when I feel the sensation to pee I ignore it). It pulses and even begins to hurt if I don't pee. When I do it feels normal at first, then at the end of the pee it hurts like my bladder is pushing out (best way to describe it) then when I'm done peeing my urethra seems to tense up and start throbbing/pulsing. I noticed recently it hurts the worst when I pee after holding it in. If you pee without knowing you actually have to go, it will hurt/throb much less. I also found pushing out (like you're trying to poop-sorry) for a few minutes after you pee makes the throbbing go away. I'm not sure what this is, I haven't been to a doctor. I saw someone say something about an ovarian cyst, they run in my family... If I find a cure I will update everyone, but for now I suppose it will still remain a mystery.
I get exactly this too. I've felt like it for over one year now. It's ruining my life, I'm up to the toilet about 10-15 times before I actually fall asleep at night. I also have to sleep with a pillow in between my legs for the pressure, it helps slighty but not completely. I just want it to stop now :( but have no idea how to?!
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Hi everyone! I'm so glad I found this forum. I have been experiencing this for 3 weeks now. I feel for the ones that it's been even longer. When mine started I ended up at the emergency room and had a CAT scan and found out I was passing a 4mm Kidney stone. That was a nightmare in its self. The worse pain I ever felt. I'd rather give birth. With some pain killers and drinking lots of water I passed it. Anyway, now I'm having the throbbing sensation in my urethra or clitoris, can't tell. Very annoying and no matter what I do nothing helps. Sometimes sitting on the toilet or walking gives a little relief. When it happens , it's all I can think about. I hope someone finds an answer.
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One out of four of the doctors I have seen told me it has to do with menopause and low estrogen they gave me a cream to use down there but still has not gone away going back again to Urology the cream is called Premarin.  I just need to confirm that this is the right diagnosis since the cream hasn't changed anything much or maybe I need a different type or maybe to use it longer not sure
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Okay so I was doing a lot of research and I came across something called...Restless Genital Syndrome ... It sort of sounds like what we could have... But it's a fairly new disorder and there is not a lot of information or research on it... But it sounds like us... Just thought I let you know maybe you can research it... This syndrome is also related to restless legs They think... I don't have restless legs or sometimes I may feel like I do a little bit but the symptoms just seemed so close to what we're going through...
This would make sense for me too. After getting syatica with my 3rd pregnancy and then it developing into rls and syatica. 6 years on the syatica has now started to ease and I am left with the rls. Would be right that it's replaced with something else !  Thank you for highlighting this x
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I haven't posted in a while, but i am still having the same symptoms - and it does seem worse for some reason when I'm stressed.  I'm going to do some research on Restless Genital Syndrome -- there must be something we can do for relief.  I don't have burning or pain either... just a constant feeling of pressure - thanks for the info
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You might have Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). Check it out here:
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I am having the same symptoms plus another one. During intercourse I now "squirt". Is anyone else experiencing that as well. All of this just came out of the blue.
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I am having the same symptoms plus another one. During intercourse I now "squirt". Is anyone else experiencing that as well. All of this just came out of the blue.
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I have had for years- an unbelievable necessity to relieve the clitoral feeling or ache. cannot sit still, sleep, lay down, the need to move my legs  is overwhelming. The only thing that works for me is applying enough presure to orgazam,sometimes more than once. Then I relax enough,and the ache goes away.  sometimes for months- sometimes only for days.
Did u ever find out what was going on? I have the same problem and have for years! I cry sometimes because it's so irritating, and even gets in the way of sex sometimes....
I too get sad about it, I went to the Urologist last week and am going to have a cystomy in a couple weeks, anyway they went to cath me to see bladder flow rate and said that my urethra is lapsing into the vagina.I guess not only does that interfere with intercourse,cause infections but can cause the constant irritation and sensitivity to your vagina making you throb but not in a sexual way.
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I really hope someone is still checking this. :( I'm 20, I've been on antidepressants for over 2 years until I slowly came off them in August. 7 weeks ago I went back on them for a week and came off them again only suddenly this time. I learnt about PGAD recently and since then I've been extremely anxious about it, and now I think I have it (life lol).

For 2 weeks each day I get the tingling feeling which switches from my clit, vagina and even anus through out the day. They're always randomly throbbing, especially when I walk a lot. It's starting to feel painful and I'm not sure if it's related or anxiety but my whole legs have become solid and are also pulsing and hurting. I'm getting lower back pain too. At this moment my clit feels more tingly and kinda itchy than ever and I need to go to college!:/ After learning more about this disorder I've been more panicky which has made my symptoms worse. I have no one to talk to about this, the Drs are always useless and my family won't understand.

I'm so scared that this is going to take over my life like it already had been already for these 2 weeks. I'm just bedbound. Also just to mention, I also used a back massager there for a few years now, I researched it before and they say that any damage it causes is a myth but now I'm not so sure. Also I've been on my period during some of these days and still am alittle, is that something to do with it? The only difference I have with what I've read in these comments is that I don't feel like I have to pee, I do pee more but that's anxiety, also for some strange reason I get slight relief when I'm holding on for a poo?? I also think I'm getting piles from the stress. My only hope is that this is only a muscle thing because of the anxiety, but can muscles make you feel like you're going to orgasm? Or if this is some period thing? I'm so sorry for the long reply and that I can't be of help to anyone, I hope someone is still active here, I'm on the verge of killing myself to be honest. :(
I still check back here now and then cuz I have still the symptoms lol:/
I get that feeling of it going away when I need the loo lol!
Honestly, I don't what it is. Your symptoms are slightly differnt to mine but seem to be similar. There are a lot of people here with symptoms like you so you're not alone !
Thanks for the reply, this condition is so weird, I'm so scared! :(
Also sorry to hear you still have it :/ Do you think it's gotten worse or the same? And do you think it's possible it's all anxiety induced? I have bad OCD which has caused a lot of symptoms of things I'm afraid of before, I'm hoping to God that's all it is.
Just thought I’d give some hope to people, it’s gone away for me. It was an anxiety thing this whole time but took me months to believe it because it felt SO real. Even when I fully believed it was anxiety caused it still took a while to go away but now I’m 100% fine. Don’t give up people! What helped with my reassurance was going the doctors and talking to people about it. If anyone needs someone to talk to, I’m here, I understand so much how terrifying this can be and also very embarrassing to talk about. :( Just PM me if you need someone who understands anyhow! :-)
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My 7 year old daughter has been suffering from this for two years now with no answers from her pediatric doctor or urologist. She is constantly grabbing herself and applying pressure to her vaginal area as she says the pressure temporarily makes the throbbing stop. It has truly affected her life and she cries because it's so frustrating to her.
Please go to the doctors and ask for antibiotics for your daughter
I had this condition for two years until bitter sweetly I had pneumonia was put on iv antibiotics followed by two weeks antibiotics in tablet form
This cured not only the pneumonia but also my throbbing utheria
I'd had all the usual urine tests/gynaecologist and urologist all drew a blank
My friend also suffered this condition and is now all clear following a course of antibiotics
Please don't be persuaded to accept a clear urine test etc or wait to see how things go
Insist you're allowed to try a long term antibiotic course
Hope it works out for your daughter as truly is a miserable condition
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I'm 47 and had this and a orgasms form of it for years. When it last for a few hours it is just uncomfortable. When it last for days it become painful. I was told I have Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder.
Nothing helps and my doctors are just as lost as I am. When it gets unbearable I take sleeping pills to try and sleep until it passes. I hate my body now. I hate how it makes me feel. It's getting worse and worse. I need help.
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Has anyone had and answers yet?? Iv had this for almost 2years and have tried everything... its ruined my life
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I honestly couldn't relate more I've been docs and received no help! No one understands! I tried kegal exercises and still nothing, does anyone have any new answers?
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I have been very obessed by this for a while. In my case I believe anxiety and an hypertonic pelvic floor have influence... but everytime I feel this pulsating feeling I just want to know exactly what to do to get rid of it...
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Ok so for the last 6 months or so I've had basically this same thing. It started happening right after I quit masturbation so I think that could have started it because I was extra sensitive and them I started googling things and came up with PGAD. I have OCD and soon became obsessed that I had this. I went to the gynecologist and she didn't even know what it was. I can feel the throbbing even when I think about sitting a certain way. I believe that my OCD is causing hypersensitivity and that you don't have PGAD and neither do I. It is incredibly rare and most doctors haven't even heard of it.
I know this post is old, but this is happening to me too. I also suffer from anxiety and OCD and started spiraling yesterday due to feeling hopeless and feeling compulsive. Have you been able to move past this or figure out what to do?
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I started feeling like this 2 months ago. I visited three different docs and urologists with no result. They all prescribed antibiotics. I felt relief while I was taking cipro but when I stopped the syptoms came back. My uti test was negative. It started when I irritated my urethra. I found a cause and think that I have IC (interstitial cystitis). I'm symptom free as far as I follow the IC diet. But as soon as I eat sth acidic it starts throbing again and the pressure and the need to pee comes back. I also sometimes feel like my bladder lining is itching from the inside. I hope this helps, I think I should stick with the diet in order to not irritate my irritated urethra and bladder further and give the lining time to heal.wish you all a pain free life, may all of you find a solution. I suggest you test yourself with the IC diet I'm hopeful it helps.
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Hello everyone, I am so glad to have found that this is a real thing, and it's not just me. I read the entire thread, and decided to contribute to this discussion, because my background is a little different from you ladies'. If so many doctors can't find anything wrong, this may not be a medical thing.
I have this too, and I am pretty sure this feeling is at least partly, the urge to squirt.

Here's my story: I started feeling this throbbing tingling pulsing sensation in my clit about 10 months ago. There is never pain, only an incredibly insistent sensation. I was 22 at the time, and it has been happening non stop since then, at different levels of intensity. I have never taken any type of prescription meds in my life. I'm a virgin, and I had never masturbated before the start of this feeling, but I've done it approximately daily, since then.
Odd fact, I started having sleep orgasms, like wet dreams, but I'm female, when I was 13 or so. It used to happen abt 3x a month but hasnt happened since I started masturbating. My absolute best guess at what this weird feeling is, is built up sexual energy.

Why I think so: the feeling reduces from an 8 to a 1 when I orgasm, then slowly builds to a 4 in a cpl min/ hrs. By the next day back to 8. I have never used any vibrators or other tools besides my hand. If I have more than one orgasm in the same session, the feeling stays gone longer.
Biggest finding: if I squirt, the feeling disappears immediately and entirely, for hours and sometimes days.

I know that the squirt debate is intense abt whether it is real, and I am glad I learned to do it before I read any confusing stuff on the net. It is real. People wonder if it is just pee. It isnt. To test, I once orgasmed and squirted abt a teaspoon of absolutely clear thin liquid, and tasted it: it was sweet like coconut water. A few seconds later, I peed and got goldish liquid, a drop of which tasted bitter/salt. Pe and squirt are different. I realise that this throbbing feeling we have doesn't go away when I pee, but it does when I squirt.

I can orgasm without squirting, and the feeling only dims a little and I have the same buzzing throbbing, in addition to pelvic heaviness. And like, a sad feeling if that makes sense. If I squirt I immediately feel 100% normal again.

So I think we need a more inquisitive loving approach here. If we didn't know what hunger was we would  all be scared of "this scary gnawing feeling that happens in my belly area", you know?

I used to be really afraid of this feeling in the beginning, but I don't think it's a bad thing.
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Just thought I’d give some hope to people, I had exactly this and it’s gone away for me. It was an anxiety thing this whole time but took me months to believe it because it felt SO real. Even when I fully believed it was anxiety caused it still took a while to go away but now I’m 100% fine. Don’t give up people! What helped with was reassurance by going the doctors and talking to people about it. Google reassured me too but I definitely don’t recommend googling because it can also do the complete opposite and make you much much worse. If anyone needs someone to talk to, I’m here. I understand so much how terrifying this can be and also very embarrassing to talk about. :( Just PM me if anyone needs someone to talk to who’s been through it and needs some reassurance. :-) (obviously I’m not a doctor though so if you truly have a condition I won’t be able to know!)
Hi - I hope you don't mind me asking a question/venting my frustration (because it's so hard dealing with this solo when no one else understands) BUT - I put this comment below and just figured you have been the most recently active. So here I go:

I have had the same feeling, for nearly two years now. mine happened straight after a UTI that I had (it was so bad I ended up in hospital) for months after I still had a feeling of a mild UTI, I went to the doctors so many times for a test and always came back negative.
since then it is a constant tingling/throbbing feeling in that area.
I have seen a urologist who has complete a cystoscopy to ensure it was not IC (it wasn't), she gave me endep (a very very mild antidepressant to help at night & a endep cream to use external on effected area (I found that both didn't help), she suggested physio of the pelvic floor which I did (probably too half assed and need to try hard again) and the next step is talking to a sex therapist as this is taking a huge toll on my relationship.
Also noted lots of people have mentioned anxiety - which I have far too much of, but the feeling is so real - so to say it's anxiety makes me feel like I am going crazy ?!

Has anyone experienced similar thing after a UTI ? I do feel reassured knowing I'm not the only one out there so thanks everyone else for opening up
I had mine after a UTI too!! That's so weird, been having the same feeling for almost 6 months now ):
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I have had this problem all of my life! It is awful.  Relieving it does not help.  I have tried for hours at a time to relieve it.  I read somewhere that for those of us who have this WITHOUT pain or urinary issues/pain, it is actually blood flowing to the clit or the whole area.  I get it most often when I am bloated and I can feel it flutter in my stomach, too.  We do have Seratonin in the gut and that does increase sexual arousal, but this is not fun sexual arousal!!  My naval feels almost like its aroused!  I push on it and my whole stomach.  It’s ALL sensitive but the throbbing is awful.  I feel the pressure in my stomach also.  This has been a BIG problem all of my life  me up at night as I try to relieve it over and over and over. I had one dr tell me it was an obsession to masterbation.
Bless it. Yea i can do what would normally would make it better a hundred times and it still feel the same, like I never did anything.and do u feel lime a big cat is kneading on ur buttocks while u are sitting? I do. And all of these messed up Sensations started after I have a severely pinched nerve my tailbone in 2012. It's a horrable way to have to live. And yea when I told my gyn dr about it, he told me to get siko sexual  therapy. Go figure.
If you are on vitamins such as sea kelp which is high in iodine and also contains some arsenic this could be causing the problem so try not taking any vitamins for a few weeks and see If this helps
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I wasn’t ready to send that.  On my phone, this little box gets nuts. Haha!  No pun intended!    I was told that about the obsession when I was younger.  I have had to escape to the bathroom to TRY to relieve it.  As a child, not knowing WHAT IT WAS, I would do it right there in class.  I just wanted to add that it is more of a problem for me when I am bloated.  Somehow, it’s all related.  Has to be.  I am so very glad I’m not the only person to have this.  This is the first time I have ever googled it.  
Yea I've had to do the same thing sometimes. Even as much as going down the road. Time and again. Its sucks.
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I typed in a simular question and was delighted that someone had done so before me. Thank you. Since coming off of anti psycotic and anti depression meds to go onto different ones I have had this pulsing down there, which is terribly difficult as my husband is next to me, adding the anxiety that i was sexualy abused all adds up to a pretty awful experience. I am hoping that like another lady, these symptoms along with all the other symptoms will go away when I am back on other meds. I am trying to let the feeling flow out by conciously making myself relax and or tensing up that area like I would in a body yawn. This helps to relieve the sensation a little. I tried to physically relieve myself, but that just made everything swell up and get a whole lot worse. I guess because of my abuse starting when I was a few months old and being cognitive part of my growing up, my anxiety and weak spot is going to be down there. I thank you for putting this post up and for starting a conversation that would other wise be too embarrassing to ask anyone else x
Something that has also stuck out to me while reading the thead is an anxiety, depression and related meds theme. Could this and the restless genital syndrome be something ?
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I wish I had an answer for this question because I suffer from exactly the same thing. And the way I can explain it is, well I explained this to my gyn dr. I told him to imagine that he was to the point of coming but couldn't. Does that make since? He then told me I needed sico therapy. Nobody understands how debiliting it feels sometimes. Pls let me know if u find an answer.
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Oh my I can't even begin to feel your frustration having this that long. Mine only started a week ago and I can't even function. The only relief I have is the tub and a heating pad. If I can get to sleep it is eased in the morning which makes me wonder if it is anxiety... I too have been to the doc and if it's not something easily fixed they just send you home.. i read the while thread and will try some things on here thanks everyone for posting so I know I'm not alone in this.
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Lenozi--this is caused by pressure on the punedal nerve causing spasms. A good physical therapist (not a sports therapist, but someone who works the more natural way, like a craniosacral and general massage therapist) should be able to relieve the pressure on the nerve and fix it. This is what happened for mine. If your back is out of alignment or you have a herniated disk that can cause it too. Either way, freeing the pinched or swollen nerve will fix it.
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Lenozi--this is caused by pressure on the punedal nerve causing spasms. A good physical therapist (not a sports therapist, but someone who works the more natural way, like a craniosacral and general massage therapist) should be able to relieve the pressure on the nerve and fix it. This is what happened for mine. If your back is out of alignment or you have a herniated disk that can cause it too. Either way, freeing the pinched or swollen nerve will fix it.
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I have had the same feeling, for nearly two years now. mine happened straight after a UTI that I had (it was so bad I ended up in hospital) for months after I still had a feeling of a mild UTI, I went to the doctors so many times for a test and always came back negative.
since then it is a constant tingling/throbbing feeling in that area.
I have seen a urologist who has complete a cystoscopy to ensure it was not IC (it wasn't), she gave me endep (a very very mild antidepressant to help at night & a endep cream to use external on effected area (I found that both didn't help), she suggested physio of the pelvic floor which I did (probably too half assed and need to try hard again) and the next step is talking to a sex therapist as this is taking a huge toll on my relationship.
Also noted lots of people have mentioned anxiety - which I have far too much of, but the feeling is so real - so to say it's anxiety makes me feel like I am going crazy ?!

Has anyone experienced similar thing after a UTI ? I do feel reassured knowing I'm not the only one out there so thanks everyone else for opening up.
Yes. Mine occurred after my 2nd severe UTI within 2 months and I have had the dull ache and throbbing for over a month. I am at my wits end with this and have no idea what to do. I have never had any issues with anxiety or experience with antidepressants. I am really struggling with this at the moment. If anyone can suggest possible solutions I would be beyond grateful.
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I have a very similar thing! So good to hear I’m not the only one! Only difference for me is I started out having spontaneous orgasm type episodes in my sleep which caused me panic attacks so I went on a diazepam before bed to stop it. I also had a yeast infection which didn’t help. I have anxiety disorder and the throbbing makes me anxious even more which just aggravates everything. I take a lorazepam dissolvable tablet when it’s really bad and it seems to relieve it a little. Please note I’m a virgin who’s only technically masterbated maybe a couple times. Not sure why this is happening to me..
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Symptoms & causes
Diagnosis & treatment
Doctors & departments
Vulvodynia (vul-voe-DIN-e-uh) is chronic pain or discomfort around the opening of your vagina (vulva) for which there's no identifiable cause and which lasts at least three months. The pain, burning or irritation associated with vulvodynia can make you so uncomfortable that sitting for long periods or having sex becomes unthinkable. The condition can last for months to years.

If you have vulvodynia, don't let the absence of visible signs or embarrassment about discussing the symptoms keep you from seeking help. Treatment options are available to lessen your discomfort. And your doctor might be able to determine a cause for your vulvar pain, so it's important to have an examination.



The main vulvodynia symptom is pain in your genital area, which can be characterized as:
Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
Your pain might be constant or occasional. It might occur only when the sensitive area is touched (provoked). You might feel the pain in your entire vulvar area (generalized), or the pain might be localized to a certain area, such as the opening of your vagina (vestibule).
Vulvar tissue might look slightly inflamed or swollen. More often, your vulva appears normal.
A similar condition, vestibulodynia, causes pain only when pressure is applied to the area surrounding the entrance to your vagina.
When to see a doctor
Although women often don't mention vulvodynia to their doctors, the condition is fairly common.
If you have pain in your genital area, discuss it with your doctor or ask for a referral to a gynecologist. It's important to have your doctor rule out more easily treatable causes of vulvar pain — for instance, yeast or bacterial infections, herpes, precancerous skin conditions, genitourinary syndrome of menopause, and medical problems such as diabetes.
It's also important not to repeatedly use over-the-counter treatments for yeast infections without seeing your doctor. Once your doctor has evaluated your symptoms, he or she can recommend treatments or ways to help you manage your pain.

Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic
Doctors don't know what causes vulvodynia, but possible contributing factors include:
Injury to or irritation of the nerves surrounding your vulvar region
Past vaginal infections
Allergies or sensitive skin
Hormonal changes
Muscle spasm or weakness in the pelvic floor, which supports the uterus, bladder and bowel
Because it can be painful and frustrating and can keep you from wanting sex, vulvodynia can cause emotional problems. For example, fear of having sex can cause spasms in the muscles around your vagina (vaginismus). Other complications might include:
Sleep disturbances
Sexual dysfunction
Altered body image
Relationship problems
Decreased quality of life
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Pelvic exam

Before diagnosing vulvodynia, your doctor will ask you questions about your medical, sexual and surgical history and to understand the location, nature and extent of your symptoms.
Your doctor might also perform a:
Pelvic exam. Your doctor visually examines your external genitals and vagina for signs of infection or other causes of your symptoms. Even if there's no visual evidence of infection, your doctor might take a sample of cells from your vagina to test for an infection, such as a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.
Cotton swab test. Your doctor uses a moistened cotton swab to gently check for specific, localized areas of pain in your vulvar region.

Vulvodynia treatments focus on relieving symptoms. No one treatment works for every woman. For many, a combination of treatments works best. It can take time to find the right treatments, and it can take time after starting a treatment before you notice relief.
Treatment options include:
Medications. Steroids, tricyclic antidepressants or anticonvulsants can help lessen chronic pain. Antihistamines might reduce itching.
Biofeedback therapy. This therapy can help reduce pain by teaching you how to relax your pelvic muscles and control how your body responds to the symptoms.
Local anesthetics. Medications, such as lidocaine ointment, can provide temporary symptom relief. Your doctor might recommend applying lidocaine 30 minutes before sexual intercourse to reduce your discomfort. Using lidocaine ointment can cause your partner to have temporary numbness after sexual contact.
Nerve blocks. Women who have long-standing pain that doesn't respond to other treatments might benefit from local nerve block injections.
Pelvic floor therapy. Many women with vulvodynia have tension in the muscles of the pelvic floor, which supports the uterus, bladder and bowel. Exercises to relax those muscles can help relieve vulvodynia pain.
Surgery. In cases of localized vulvodynia or vestibulodynia, surgery to remove the affected skin and tissue (vestibulectomy) relieves pain in some women.

Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic
Lifestyle and home remedies
The following tips might help you manage vulvodynia symptoms:
Try cold compresses or gel packs. Place them directly on your external genital area to ease pain and itching.
Soak in a sitz bath. Two to three times a day, sit in comfortable, lukewarm (not hot) or cool water with Epsom salts or colloidal oatmeal for five to 10 minutes.
Avoid tightfitting pantyhose and nylon underwear. Tight clothing restricts airflow to your genital area, often leading to increased temperature and moisture that can cause irritation. Wear white, cotton underwear to increase ventilation and dryness. Try sleeping without underwear at night.
Avoid hot tubs and soaking in hot baths. Spending time in hot water can cause discomfort and itching.
Don't use deodorant tampons or pads. The deodorant can be irritating. If pads are irritating, switch to 100 percent cotton pads.
Avoid activities that put pressure on your vulva, such as biking or horseback riding.
Wash gently. Scrubbing the affected area harshly or washing too often can increase irritation. Instead, use plain water to gently clean your vulva with your hand and pat the area dry. After bathing, apply a preservative-free emollient, such as plain petroleum jelly, to create a protective barrier.
Use lubricants. If you're sexually active, apply a lubricant before having sex. Don't use products that contain alcohol, flavor, or warming or cooling agents.
Alternative medicine
Stress tends to worsen vulvodynia and having vulvodynia increases stress. Although there's little evidence that alternative techniques work, some women get some relief from yoga, meditation, massage and other stress reducers.
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I am 57. I have suffered from this for well over 10 years. Started sometime through menopause, I'm pretty sure. Hormonal changes can be a cause for Vulvodynia. Many doctors don't have an answer. A helpful pharmacist that I recently confided in about my desperate need to find out what was wrong and if there was help,  did some research for me and came across the info that I posted. I just got a new doctor and told him about the info that was shared with me. I also told him that this year has been far more worse than other past yrs. I have gone to work multiple times throughout the weeks having lost 2-3 nights of sleep. I am at my wits end. He has put in a referral for me to see a specialist. Hopefully I will get some help then. If surgery is the answer, I'm a go for that. Can't cope with this any longer.
Hope this helps.

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I'm having somewhat of the same issue. But my gets swollen and hurts instead of throbs. But it doesn't hurt to wipe or pee. Only when I have the urge to pee too. It's been going on for a month now.
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God, I really hope people are still responding to this.

I've had this feeling in my vagina or my clit or whatever since May of this year, only back then it would only happen for a night and then go away whenever I woke up the next day.

It started up again a couple days ago, and has only gotten worse. It's been almost 3 or 4 days, and after reading this thread, I'm terrified that I'll end up with it for years. I'm only 19. I have college and bad anxiety and OCD that causes me to pull out my hair! I don't need this right now!

I just need help. If anyone could give me advice on what to do, that would be awesome. I know going to the doctor and the gynecologist is the first step, but where do I go from there?
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I also see a common theme with anxiety here. Has getting back on SSRIs helped anyone with these symptoms? I stopped Lexapro 4-5 months ago and these symptoms (tingling/throbbing) started a couple weeks ago. Thought it as a UTI but it came back negative. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. So glad to hear I am not alone.
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