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Tiny, stinging cuts/red bumps on vagina?

About three days ago I noticed pain when wiping myself after going to the bathroom. I used a mirror to take a look, and saw some red bumps on the outer labia. They only hurt a but if i touch them. They look like pimples and feel kind of like an underground zit you would get on your face. I usually shave down there, but haven't for a few weeks, so I'm thinking the bumps are maybe ingrown hairs? I also noticed some very small cuts, almost like the skin split, right on my vaginal opening near the perineum. This area is a bit swollen as well. There is also a small split like that on the inside of my outer labia on the same side the bumps are on.

It stings very badly when I pee. not coming out, but when it touches the little cuts. I am almost in tears while using the bathroom. It is also uncomfortable to sit down and feels irritated when I walk for long periods of time.

I noticed all of this the day after I had sex with my partner, without a condom. The first few times we slept together we used condoms, the next few times we didn't. It has been about three times we didn't use condoms, but I only noticed this after the last time, which was four days ago. My first thought was an allergic reaction to the lube we used. After doing some research about the little tears, I'm thinking it could be because he was pretty rough, and we did it for quite a long time that particular day.

There isn't any discharge or smell that is out of the ordinary. The first two nights I applied some vaseline over night, and I would wake up many times through those nights and it would be extremely itchy. Last night I applied some polysporin to the cuts, and I think it helped a bit because I didn't wake up with crazy itchiness at all.

The other thing I noticed is that in the last week I switched from my regular body wash to Irish Spring soap. I thought maybe since it's scented that it irritated the sensitive skin down there? The other day after noticing all of this I bough some Vagisil wash and have been using that.

I tried to book a doctor's appointment but my doctor is on vacation for the next two weeks. I don't really want to go to a walk in clinic for this because it's embarrassing enough, so I'd rather see my family doctor who I'm more comfortable with.

If anyone has experienced something similar and has any tips or anything they can tell me, that would be great. If there are any home remedies or over-the-counter medications that have helped anyone with these issues please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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I'm 15 and im having the same problem. I noticed i had them three days after my boyfriend and I had sex, even though we used a condom I still got these things on my vagina. I don't want to tell my mom because it is embarrassing..
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I to have the same thing and it has been getting worse the past 2-3 months I have not consulted a doctor about it. This past week I found about an inch tear and some red bumps that almost look like pimples. The bumps aren't painful but the tear is and it makes me want to cry when I have to wipe. I have tried many body washes and none of them have worked. I'm getting worried now and me and my boyfriend have had sex frequently for a while now, I have told him about this but he says he does not have an STD. I don't know what is causing this.
This is happened to me to, and i went to the doctors and they gave me antibiotics and pain medication, it helped and it took 9 days to heal I got a lab done for an STD and my results came back negative but this was a while ago now its coming back and I honestly have no idea what it is
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