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Too embarrass to ask doc....

I’m way to embarrassed to ask my doctor... I know sounds dumb but I feel stupid asking
My ex cheated on me last year and gave me chlymida.... I was dumb enough to try the “ back door” one time with him and I’m pretty sure he had it then....
I was treated and tested it’s gone but do I need a rectal testing to make sure it’s gone rectally too????
Help :(
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I know it sometimes feels a little awkward to discuss these things with a doctor but I do want to reassure you that doctors here everything and anything and never think any story is embarrassing. You should feel comfortable sharing things that are going on with your house with your Doctor No matter what it is. With chlamydia of the anus they have to do an anal swab. You probably just had a vaginal  swab done. So it would be in your best interest to go back to the doctor and let them do that anal swab to see if you have chlamydia of the anus. It also is such a situation that chlamydia is tricky. If you test positive for it you have to have three negatives to know it's gone. You tested negative and probably don't have it in your vagina however it will be worth that second doctors visit to follow with the potential of chlamydia of the anus. Probably not what you wanted to hear but better safe than sorry. Good luck
I was treated twice for it .... bc I had a false positive.... they told me the vagina could pick it up but I don’t believe that...... I called in to ask but I could tell they judged me.. idk what to do....
If you are so afraid of your regular doctor that you feel judged and all, just go to Planned Parenthood. They deal with all aspects of sexual health and certainly would not turn a hair at being asked this question.
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