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Trouble with irregularities

My periods used to be a 30 day cycle, lasting 6 or 7 days and it would have a good full flow filling up the pad. But last year i had experianced 2 weeks of brown discharge and late periods that would be light. Since the month of may of last year it has become irregular and during december and january of this year i had taken hormone supplements called medroxyprogesterone, but it came with spotting inbetween cycles and early periods that were still light. Recently i had brownish and red spooting last month and a one light blood spot last week. Last week i was suppose to have my period but i got nothing and now im late. I have been worried for the longest time having had numerous clinical visits last year and i can't afford to go much this year.
Two weeks ago my boyfriend had fingered me when i was giving him a handjob and everyone says that the likelihood of me getting pregnant from that is low but i am still worried. He didn't ejaculate the full thick white semen but he pre-ejaculated a lot.
What i hope is for someone to help me figure out what is wrong with me because i am troubled and angry with myself and my own body and i don't know what to do. Please help, anyone.
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Hi there.  Really absolutly no way you could get pregnant by fingering/providing hand job to your boyfriend (not even to mention he didn't ejaculate).  I would not think you are pregnant from what you describe at all.  Instead, you describe a good while of hormonal issues causing break through bleeding and irregular cycles.  

What is your doctor saying?  
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They say there is nothing wrong with me and they keep suggesting birth control pills to regulate it but i feel thats not a good idea for me considering those hormone supplements they gave me before didn't help much and i know i would forget to take my pills at its designated times. I try to calm myself and reduce my stress levels and i don't know what else i could do to help my uterus since its not really cooperating with me.
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I had to be put on the pill for 6 months to help regulate my period because I had an hormonal imbalance And 7 months later I was pregnant. You cannot get pregnant by being fingered, that's not how it works. You need to follow your doctors orders if you want to fix your period. You should try setting an alarm on your phone so you don't forget your pill.
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Its been two weeks since my intimate encounter with my boyfriend, i took a pregnancy test yesturday and it came out negative but i still don't have my period. I have sleepness and an inability to focus on my studies and this is no good. I am not stressing terribly but this is a concern for me.
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