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Two Cysts... NOW WHAT???

I just went to the Doctor yesterday and had an US done.  I have two Cysts (AGAIN).  One is attached to the (L) ovary and is about 4.5cm and the other one is located inside my (L) ovary.  If this ruptures - this will be my fourth ruptured ovarian cyst not to mention my fourth laproscopic to remove it.  I am only 28 yrs old... what are my chances of having children?  good or Bad???  ANy insight would be appreciative
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I know what u r going thru..  I had them very bad from the time i was 14 till i was 21..  a lady finally told me to stop drinking caffiene.. no tea no coffee no cokes, for 2 weeks.. and believe it or not it worked..  i did not have any more problems until i got pregnant with my 2nd child and craved dr. pepper..  i kept drinking it after i had her and ended up back at the dr again with one inside of my ovary.  The drs i have talked to about it have said that there is no medical proof that caffiene causes them .. but it worked for me so try it for 2 weeks and see ..  and as far as u getting pregnant..  i think that after u get rid of the cysts for a while u will be able to..  i did..  hope it works for you like it did for me!!
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I will try the caffeine thing... but I must warn you I dont drink alot of caffiene now.  I get heartburn from any kind of pop and Coffee just kills my stomach (double over in pain sometimes).  I drink Gatorade, juice or tea most of the time.  But thank-you I will try anything...
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I really hope that it works for you, but i do have to say that tea has just as much caffiene in it as coffee or cokes..  so be careful..  about the only things i have drank in the last several years are sprite 7up SOME brands of root beer.. water and juices..  i hope it works out for ya.. keep me updated!!
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