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Unable to grow a uterine lining?

I've been researching for a story I'm helping to write, and I haven't been able to find a condition name, or it even talked about when a woman is unable to produce the uterine lining.

Has that just never happened before? I have learned about:

Endometriosis, where the lining grows where it isn't supposed to.

Adenomyosis, where stuff that is supposed to grow into the uterine lining instead grows into the uterine muscle, causing severe pain and bleeding

Endometrial Hyperplasia, where the lining isn't shed during the menstrual cycle, so it keeps getting thicker and thicker.

Those three seem to cover all the conditions with the lining, except for the one I'm trying to find. I have even seen cases of where the uterine lining is too thin due to a low amount of estrogen.

With everything that can go right, and wrong, with the body, I would be shocked if there has never been a case of a woman being unable to produce the uterine lining.
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When the lining is too thin, doctors call it "uterine insufficiency," I think. You might try that line of inquiry.
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