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Unexplainable, painless lump on ankle.

Hello. On my left ankle, around a year ago, maybe a year and a half, i got a small, movable, painless lump about the size of a pea on my left ankle. over time, it had grown, it is now about 1" by 1.2", still i feel no pain, although now i can actually feel it, and it has come to my attention that it bleeds when i attempt to buff it down. I have purchased various compoundW  products but i would like to have a more thorough understanding of this lump before taking any further actions.. Should I make a trip to the hospital or just freeze it off? (I've a history of cancer in my family, and absolutely no trauma to my ankle in the last two years. )
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It is impossible to make a diagnosis on a chat board, however it sounds like a lipoma, which is benign. Bleeding is not typical, but happens with some of them. I would NOT freeze it off. The drill is to have it removed by a doctor. There are several protocols you can look up. Often they grow back.
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If I were you, I would definitely have a doctor look at it, to determine if it is benign or malignant.  Since you know you have a family history of cancer, ANY odd lump you find should be examined by a doctor as soon as possible.
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My sis just had a small, hard lump removed from her lower leg, and yes it was cancer.  See your doc.
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Im only eighteen. My research tells me that lipoma is mostly found in middle aged people. Also it doesnt look a thing like that.
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My sister's wasn't lipoma.  Worth knowing for sure.
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