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Unexplained bleeding

Hi,I hope you can read this all the way through so I might get some useful advice.
I am booked to see a dr in a fortnight, but thought id seek some first hand advice online in the meantime to calm my mind from all the Google terror!!...I will try to be brief.

I am having bleeding between periods. Here is a timeline of relevant events.
Feb14 - D&C pregnancy termination
July14 - abnormal Pap smear result
Oct14 - LEEP surgery 3mm excision of cervix for stage 1 cells
May15 - Pap smear with normal results
August15 - STD check (clear) and Pap smear with normal results
Jan15 - STD check (clear) and insertion of Paraguard IUD
Jan-May16 - no abnormal activity. Period remains uneventful and regular. 28day cycle, 5days of light to medium flow. No cramps or PMS (this has been the norm since 2001)
June16 - get new sexual partner and start having very regular sex (daily)
July16 - mid cycle cramping and light spotting. Assumed it may be due to regular sex or ovulation. Period is normal with no cramps.
August16 - intense midcycle cramps with moderate spotting. Period is normal with no cramps.
September16 - very intense midcycle cramps (almost went to emergency room) with many days of light spotting.
Hospitalised for sudden UTI that was antibiotic resistant (my first UTI in 8years and second ever)
Tested for Chlymidia and Gonnorrah (negative)
Abdominal and vaginal ultrasounds show no ovarian cysts or issues, and IUD is in the right place. No PIDs.
No further answers.
Oct16 - frequent and moderate midcycle bleeding, no cramps. Flows like a waterfall and looks like a fresh cut rather than menstrual fluid. Bright red.

I guess I'm freaked out. As I tick off everything we rule out, two scary words keep popping off the page... Cancer. PeriMenopause.
I am only 29 and I am living in the arctic in a foreign country on a working visa and I don't want to go home, this is supposed to be my trip of a lifetime!!

Does anyone have any answers from experience?? I'd appreciate any helpful sisterly or motherly advice.
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