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Unusual menstrual flow and bleeding

I am currently baffled.
I'm not actually stressed.
Basically I had protected sex two weeks ago, 2 days before I believed my period was due.
It ended up being 4 days late. The flow was definitely not normal for me, it was very light (almost spotting), bright red for 2 days and then I've been spotting ever since (6days in total).
My period is normally 5 days long heavy and dark red for 3 days with clots and cramps, and 2 days with dark brown blood and no cramps.
I've still got cramps and am bloated with back ache. Today I'm only getting pink when I wipe.
I took a pregnancy test and it was negative....
I have no idea what is going on. Something is making me feel like something isn't right.
Should I go to my Dr and tell them what's going on?
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Hi.  Try not to worry.  In all sincerity, women (myself included) can have odd cycles.  Hormones can shift even slightly and it can happen even if it hasn't happened to you before.  Other things that lead to an 'off' or irregular cycle are stress, illness, changes in routine, weight gain or loss, etc.  Even if it has never happened before, it can still happen out of nowhere.

You used a condom which is great. Those CAN fail but you almost always know if not always when a condom has failed. This involves typically a big rip and a big mess.  Condom failure is why condoms have  small risk of pregnancy associated with them.  But if the condom you used was intact after intercourse, I'd not be concerned about this.  And, most women get a positive test 2.5 weeks after pregnancy if they conceive.  You tested negative at 2 weeks which is a really good sign you aren't pregnant. To be sure, wait a full week and after taking that test and take another which makes 3 weeks post sex.  

Most likely, your hormones are acting up.  Happens to the best of us.  Hang in there.
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Oh, and while it doesn't hurt to go to the doctor, this is probably premature at this point.  I'd wait until you have a couple of cycles that are screwy like this before you visit the doctor because it could just be a fluke.  good luck
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