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Unwanted hair

I have one problem that really embarrases me and often causes very bad mood and even depression.
The thing is that I have a huge amount of unwanted hair on my body.
I've been living with that for a long time. sometimes I even wanted to simply give up and end my life... :(
I'm 19 years old. I have realy nice boyfriend. He knows about my problem and supports me a lot. He says that my problem doesn't bothers him at all but still I don't feel very comfortable when having sex.
I'm tired of shaving and bleaching hair on my face... :(
I haven't been to a doctor... I'm quite a shy person and I have very little free time. :(
So, I'm browsing in internet to find some suggestions and other girls who have this problem...
Who knows how to threat this problem???
I've read that hormonal medication might help but I'm kinda scared of it... I'm young and I really don't want to stuck my body with medicine too much...
Are there any other options??
And how effective threatment is??
I know every case is different but I really need some hope to live my life very happily.
Thanks in advance
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it could be polycystic ovaries it causes hair to grow due to a rise in male hormones tell your doctor and have an ultrasound scan just wondering do you have any other problems like hair loss on your head problems getting pregnant or acne because those are other symptons i have polycystc ovaries i only have the irritating face hair and none of the other symptoms if you dont want to face your doc yet try going on nhs website first
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hey... jst reading you comment there and wanted to let u know that im a beauty therapist! listen to cazy and go to the docs, find out if u have p.o!!... if not u can try eliption...removing hairs permently using a needle and electro currents.  this treatment can only b effective if u follow all you treatments and attend regulary!...it can be carried out by most beauty salons.  it can take up 2 a year r more 2 all the hairs r gone...DEPENDING ON THE AMOUNT OF HAIRS... also there are medical conditions...that can cause asnormal hair growth. neways wothout goin into great detail, make an appointment with your doc and make sure u dont have p.o...becuz sumtime wen u treat the hairs and u have p.o it can make it worse!!... gd luck!! hpe u take this advice.xxxx
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To cazy:
Yeap, I have acne...
I haven't noticed hair loss... Earlier I had more hair but I've been dying them a lot lately so of course I don't have as much hair as I had before... :)

To Live_now:
Well, I have never heard of such option.. as I understand such hair removing is avaiable in usa??
Well, I 'little' too far from my country.. :/
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what conntry you live in den?,.....
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I live in Lithuania.... :D :D :)
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Live_now - I don't know if I'd feel comfortable taking advice from someone who doesn't even take the time to read over a post for spelling and grammatical errors.

Ravishing_Beauty - I personally just stick to bleach or waxing because I feel they are the safest options for me.  Threading is also an option for small areas (upper lip, eyebrows, etc), and is supposed to last longer than waxing, but is still only a temporary fix.  If you really are seeking for a long-term or permanent process, you could always look into laser removal.  Just be careful because there is always the chance of something going wrong.  My cousin used to shave her arms until the hair on top became super thick and she just wanted to get rid of it.  She went in for laser surgery and they burned her skin - now she has a horrible white scar on the top of her arm.

Just make sure you do your research and find a good doctor before you try anything drastic.
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