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Upcoming Pelvic Laparoscopy

I will be having a diagnostic pelvic laparoscopy this upcoming week for pelvic pain and I'm looking for anyone who can tell me what it is like to have that procedure. This will also be my first surgery, so naturally my nerves are getting the best of me. I am the type of person who likes to be well informed before I have something done. (Yeah, I'll obviously have my laundry list of questions for my doctor, but I figure sometimes the best people to ask are the ones who have experienced it!) I understand the basics of looking inside of you with the instruments, etc.  

How long do you usually have to be in recovery until you can go home?

Do you usually get to talk to your doctor after you come out of anesthesia? (I ask this because, I know I'll be doped up, BUT I would hate to not know what she saw or did not see inside of me. And usually when you ask a nurse, they give you that vague answer that no one likes ;)

Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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I had it done in December. I went home the day after and did not have to take any pain meds at all. I had 3 tiny incions sutured with self disolving stitches. Very tolerable. I held a heavy sheet that was folded several times that the nurse gave me to the incised areas when ever I moved or walked, coughed, sneezed. It helped keep the stitches from moving. That can be a little stingy. Other than that I had no internal pain at all. The surgeon found surgical staples and the omentum attached to my abdominal wall. I had that pain everyday since I had my c section over two years ago. I am finally free of pain.
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There is nothing to worry Phyllis145. Pelvic Laparoscopy is not a big surgery everything would be done through a a small viewing instrument called a laparoscope which is inserted into the abdomen from the navel.

When a pelvic laparoscopy is performed, general anesthesia is administered and a tiny (1/2″ to 3/4″) incision is made in the abdomen at the site of the navel. All these things are taken up with lot of care. Learn more at http://www.***************.***/tests-and-treatments/laparoscopy/pelvic-laparoscopy-when-the-procedure-is-performed-and-what-it-entails or else write back to me.
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i have just had surgery yesterday. it was for laporascopy sterilisation. when i came to myself in recovery my surgeon came to me to discuss the procedure. he told me i also had a twisted falopion tube and 1 of my ovaries had totally disappeared. he said i had adhesions on my other tube. do u know what this means? i have a review in 2 months time what would that be for. i didnt think to ask him i was still very groggy from the anesthetic. can u shed any light for me please how does an ovary just disappear? i have 4 kids
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