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Urinary Tract Infection or Yeast Infection?

For the past couple days I have experienced a mild vaginal itch. I am not sure exactly what part itchy, but it seems to be internal. I'm on my menstrual period as well, but as far as I can tell there is no unusual discharge. There is also no pain that  I would not normally attribute to my period. When I pee, it kind of relieves the itch, especially when I pee a lot. Frequency of urination is normal.

Because I was unsure if this was a UTI or yeast infection, I bought Monistat 3-day treatment and some UTI pain relief tablets.

Yesterday I started taking some of the tablets to see if it would help. So far it has kind of relieved the itch, but not entirely. Honestly all it does is make my pee bright orange and smell absolutely horrible.

A few days ago I had sexual intercourse multiple times and used the condoms that have spermicidal lubricant on them. I have read that this can sometimes be an irritant that causes UTIs and yeast infections.

On top of having this problem and being on my period, I am also suddenly having digestive problems because I guess I ate something bad yesterday.

Should I try the Monistat 3-day treatment, or should I continue taking the UTI relief until (if it is a UTI) it goes away on its own?
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Do you pee after sex? That's number 1 prevention of UTIs, I personally have recurrent yeast infections, the itch is unbearable but it feels so good to scratch (I find apple cider vinegar to be one of the best home remedies, instant relief, gets rid of it as fast as OTC/ prescription, personally monistat makes my vagina burn), if it's a UTI it almost feels like you can't finish peeing (even though there is no more pee left in your bladder), almost like falling (like those rides at amusement parks that drop you suddenly), if you're not sure go to the clinic, they'll have you pee in a cup and check for blood and WBC, you don't want to leave a UTI untreated it can get worse.
Yes, I always pee after sex, in fact I make sure to do so so that I DON'T have problems like this! I did a wash with a diluted apple cider vinegar and a washcloth and I feel much better now! What a great remedy! Thank you
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