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Use of Forteo by breast cancer survivor

After receiving radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer in 1995, with no recurrence, I have now at age 59 been diagnosed with osteoporosis, despite taking Fosamax, Evista and Actonel for a number of years.  My endocrinologist has prescribed Forteo despite both our concerns that this drug is not recommended for anyone who has had radiation to bones.  Of course, my ribs and chest area were radiated in 1995. I would appreciate an opinion as to whether this is an acceptable risk given the possible severe consequences of untreated osteoporosis, or if there are other treatment options available.
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I have the same dilemna.  What feedback did you get?
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I had breast cancer in 1993 had the same as you.  I was on Fosamax and it didn't help my osteoporosis actually my osteoporosis got worse.  The doctors said I have the bones of a 70 year  woman,  I don't know about you but what the doctors didn't do was put me on a massivie dose of vitamin D,C and E.  I have no D in my system I take 5,000 mgs of vit, d a week.   I have been taking Forteo for a year.  I like you am terrified about cancer from the Forteo.  It will be interesting to see what the doctor post.
Good Luck!  I go to my Dr in a month I will give you a note to see how it has affected me.
If you find any good answeres please send me a post. ;-)~
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Did anyone on here learn anything about forteo related to breast cancer radiation?  I am in the same situation.  Had breast cancer and radiation at age 48.  My osteoporosis has now put me in a wheelchair.  I'm trying to decide whether to take forteo too.  Please email me at my personal mail,  if anyone on here learned any new info.  
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