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Uterine Fibroid & Back Pain

Hello, My name is Maggie and I am seeking some guidance in what to do next for my back pain.  Mainly, I am wondering if my back pain could be connected to a uternine fibroid I have. So, here's some history:

After my pregnancy 2 1/2 years ago, the right lower lumbar of my back began to have a lot of pain. During my pregancy, I had a uternine fibroid that caused a lot of pain. The doctor said it may be "truckated'?. After my pregnancy, my OB/GYN said not to worry about the fibroid because it would degenerate and should cause me no more problems.

It has now been two and a half years & the back pain has only gotten worse. I went to lots of doctors & specialists, got an MRI, went to a chiropractor for months, went to physical therapy, got massage therapy, took suggested supplements, bought a tread mill and walked, did home exercises to strengthen my core, tried to lift correctly and stopped picking up my little girl so much, but still I am in awful pain. Also, I am not overweight, eat a healthy diet, and only wear good tennis shoes everyday for my back.

Over the years the doctors' have told me that I do not have any spinal problems and the problem is "just" muscular. My last MRI was about 1 1/2 ago. So, right now I just try to cope with the pain. I take tramadol daily and vicodin on occassion (i do not abuse these drugs). I also take the maximum recommended doses of tylenol and ibuprofen daily.

The worst part of it all is that I am getting very little sleep and it's affecting my daytime functioning. I get up several times a nite when my back seizes and spasms and do my muscle rub, back stretching, heaing pad routine until I can fall asleep again. I have recently ordered an expensive TENS unit online b/c I heard it can help. Overall, i'm desperate at this point since nothing else has worked.

In addition, I have been having heavy bleeding, severe cramping, and clotting during my period.  I went for an ultrasound and learned that I have a fibroid on the left side of my uterus-the same place I had it during my pregnancy.  I have an appt. w/GYN in a couple weeks.

So, my questions is that I want to know if the fibroid is linked to thise back pain that will not go away.  I want to be able to best advocate for myself during the appt. and would appreciate any suggestions/feeback.  

Thank you,
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YES, the fibroid can certainly be the cause of your pain, as well as the bleeding, cramping and clotting.  

Last year, I had all the symptoms you had, and even had to make a trip to the ER because of hemorraging.  My back pain was at times unbearable, to where I had to take percocet.  I was seeing a chiropractor for a neck injury and he and my gyn both agreed that the back pain could be caused by the fibroid.  Chiropractic adjustments did help.

I had the fibroids removed in nov 06.  I was told that the back pain probably would not go away immediately, but after a few weeks it would slowly get better.  Well, the pain was dramatically lessoned right after surgery and throughout the following months got much better.  The problem with a myomectomy (fibroid removal) is that they can reoccur which is what happened in my case.  In fact, my first suspicion that they were back was that my back pain was starting to get a little worse (nothing like before though).  A 6 month post op ultrasound showed two more small fibroids growing.  We're choosing to wait it out with these two as I'm trying to conceive, but my chiropractor is aware of them an does low back adjustments at each visit.  Again, the pain isn't too bad yet, but I have anxiety about the pain getting back to where it was before.  

Whatever you do though, don't let your gyn tell you a hysterectomy is the ONLY option....no matter what the size is.  Mine was huge, and everything I read said hysterectomy only....but my fabulous gyn said she could remove only the fibroids allowing me to keep my fertility.

Good luck.  
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Hi Maggie,
I hope that by now you've found relief for your pain.
Your story sounds all too familiar.
Recently, I had an MRI done because I feared my pain, also not responsive to the treatments you tried, could be caused from degeneration of bone or joint tissue. The report confirmed there was nothing wrong with me except for 4 fibroids in my uterus.
After doing some research, I found out about embolisation and am pursuing having that treatment. I have an appointment with a doctor this month and hope to be on the road to a less painful existence. There is a wealth of information about this treatment on the web.
Best wishes, Cyn
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I am suffering with the very same symptoms and am looking into UFE after I go and get the MRI, (and you have the good pain stuff)---but it does not stop it ----so I too am going to do something--this back pain is crippling to an active person like myself..Please advise on what ever else you  find out----this pain aint no laughing matter!
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i have uterine fibroids about 6 in number measuring 2cm to 5 cm doc advised removal of the uterus 6 years ago. till now i have managed as i had no problems but now the back pain and urine retention has made me decide to have the surgery. i dont know if its the right thing to do because a lot of people say itits better to let the menapaause set in as the fibroids shrink.im 48 years and on the verge of menapause the urine retention is better with medication
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I have had severe back pain for years and docs can't find the cause.  I had UFE in March 2015 and still no relief.  I also still feel the pressure in my bladder.  It's June 2015, and I'm still hopeful- but I still have a lot of the symptoms the UFE was supposed to make go away, like:
The need to Peei constantly
Constant Pain & pressure in pelvis
Sporadic Post menopausal bleeding
Extreme hot flashes and Sleepless nights
Can anyone shed some light on how much longer I'll be experiencing this hell?
All UFE ARTICLES IVE READ MENTION VERY LITTLE ABOUT PIST UFE ramifications... Can anyone shed some light on my experiences and when I'll feel normal again?

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Your body is hiding something away. I think mine is candida related.  Surgeries sound nice and the  embolisation idea even sounds good. However, your body is coping with a bigger problem. Rather than maybe cancer your body is encasing something.

I have pain.  I eat healthy. However, to heal the body we are talking super healthy. Dark leafy veggies, steamed or sauteed at least 3 to 5 times a day. Enzymes on a empty stomach.  Caster oil with heat at night on the abdomen.  Very little carbs and a lot of good fats ( avocado, organic coconut milk, organic butter and cold olive oil from California) Organic matters it has has the numerous minuet key ingredients to good health.

Your body needs to dissolve/digest this on it own.  

Fasting, exercise(some thing to make you sweat), infrared saunas light bulbs.  

Slow detox is key as a herxheimer reactions can happen- flu symptoms

Rather than your body excreting the body is backed up and storing.

Other therapies to consider:
EFT emotional freedom technique
electric acupuncture - needless - wonderful relief from pain

The eating therapy can be a intense- very restrictive. It is not forever just so you body can slip into healing mode.  Removal of a organ because it is complaining is never the answer. Listen to it and tend to it.  Something that your are ingesting is up setting your body. Sugar? Rancid meat--cifo?  hybridized grains?

I am breast feeding so it very hard to slip into low carb right now.  I upped my greens and eat potatoes and oatmeal. I literally feel my back is broken.I want a MRI however according to my symptoms I do not need one. I can feel it. Enough diagnosis time to start healing.

Taking apple cider vinegar with each meal helps my body to digest my meal and can move on to repair. If I am always digesting there is very little time for repair.  The empty stomach feeling is a good feeling.  If you get super weak add a good fat or good carb-- tablespoons not full portions till you next meal.  

I could go on and on.  I encourage you to read read read.

Barbra Oneil from Australia on youtube.com for the non readers. She is a very good lecturer and a joy to listen to.  She has 12 videos about a hour each to get your body back on track.

Most of us suffer from Candida.  Here is book and how to cope with it.
It is not for the weak.  It has powerful home therapies that can get your body in to some serious detox.  Enemas! are sometimes the only relief.  I recoiled at these ideas that are 100 of years old- but they work.

So many other therapies are out there but you have to find them- probably right in your own community.  

Changing your diet is like changing your religion. It will open your eyes to the non food the vast majority eat.  Food that can sit on a shelf for a year  has dead nutrients.

Good luck!

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