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Uterine fibroid tumors worse

For the longest I had issues with my menstrual cycles being extraordinarily painful. Finally, in October of 2011 for my annual female checkup I saw an OB-GYN about the problem and we scheduled the surgery for November. He removed some fibroids and officially diagnosed me with endometriosis. All was good until March. The first week of March I had some mild and annoying cramping and finally after a week of it I got my period on the 10th which lasted to the 18th. So, everything is fine after my period with the exception of the spotting and a week or so later I start to cramp again. On the 30th I started heavy bleeding which lasted a full day and half of the next. The cramping continued mildly off and on into this month, April. Well the cramping has been awful for the last week and a half (since the 9th) and finally Monday was when it was just beyond words terrible. It started out just a strong sharp pain at first and tapered off in mid-afternoon and came back later on in the late part of the afternoon. Towards about 9pm is when it got just awful and right around 10 was when I couldn't take it anymore and had to leave work. On the way home it was tremendous pain. I was curled up screeching in pain -- not the kind of cry like "owe, that hurts" it sounded like I was being hacked to death I was crying so hard I started to squeak. After about two hours of bearing it I finally went to the hospital where they found by vaginal ultrasound the fibroids were back. Tonight I noticed some light pink spotting again which I've been dealing with for a good two months (since before my first period in March).

The pain was never like this before, my periods were never irregular or longer than 4-5 days, and I never dealt with spotting. Is it normal for it to come back worse?

And can these fibroids ever turn out to be cancerous?

* I am bleeding pretty good today but only when I wipe after I use the bathroom. =/
I'll be seeing my primary next week to follow up but I wanted to start a dialogue and hear from others who know about these things before I go.
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