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Uterine polyp disappeared?!

I am scheduled in 2 days for a hysteroscopy, d&c, ablation, and polypectomy. I went to the gyno on dec 15th for a trans-vaginal ultrasound and a sonohysterography saline ultrasound because on 12/4, the biopsy showed a thickened lining and possibly polyps.The ultra sounds showed I had a 14mm thick lining and a 3 cm polyp.(i was near the last day of my period).Today I went for my preop and they decided to do another trans-vaginal ultrasound. I am of course on my full blown period at the moment but they said that wouldn't matter. I meet with the dr and he said my 3 cm (30mm) polyp got absorbed into my uterus?! How does a polyp that size just disappear in a months time? Do you think its possible it was missed this time since a saline ultrasound wasn't performed or maybe with my period being so heavy it was hard to detect? Dr is still going to do the procedure due to my constant and painful bleeding ive had for the past 2 years. He said he would know more once he does the hysteroscopy.
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I have a very long history with those damn things. I've had them removed like 7 times. The issue with getting an ultrasound without saline while on your period is that it's hard to tell on the screen what's a polyp and what's possibly a blood clot or clump of tissue due your period. If I were you I'd get the hysteroscopy/polypectomy done for sure because in the 7 times I've had polyps, not once did one get reabsorbed in the uterus. It will continue to cause spotting between periods and heavy bleeding until you get it removed. I'm not kidding, it will keep causing trouble until it's removed.

Its a simple procedure and the whole thing doesn't take long to recover at all. For me the worst thing is that the anesthesia always messes me up for a week after but other than that it's not a big deal because there's no incision to heal.

Just take it from me because I'm an expert at this particular problem given my history. You don't want those things in your uterus because they will absolutely cause problems again and again, and you'll just have to get it out later anyway. Might as well do it when you're scheduled.
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Thank you for the reply. I am definitely having the procedures done as I am tired of the mess its been for the past 2 years. I found it hard to believe that a 3 cm polyp just absorbed especially in that short period of time. I am sorry you have had a struggle with them. Did you have the ablation? I opted for that as well since i am not having anymore kids and the dr said it would decrease my chances of getting another one, He made it seem as the 3 cm was fairly large when I had my initial ultrasounds. I figured it was just missed this time. Guess ill know more Wednesday after surgery.
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I did not get the ablation because my gyne told me that it doesn't make you not get them anymore. With the ablation, there might still be small areas of uterine tissue remaining that did not get ablated where the polyps could regrow. However, once you get an ablation, she said it would be almost impossible to see where it is located on the hysteroscope and therefore she did not recommend the procedure for me. Instead I've been using the mirena iud to help me with bleeding and its been working great since she removed the most recent polyp that was there.
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I had the surgery yesterday and they did find the polyp. Figured they would. They said it was hiding.
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Yup, I figured as much. Glad you got it done, now hopefully you won't have issues any longer.
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They found a polyp, scheduled D&C, polyp had disappeared. They still scraped my uterus. But i find this very odd.
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