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Uterus size, I am really scared.... I'm not married, and I don't have children yet

Went to the doctor because I had a positive at home pregnancy test, did an ultrasound, he said size of fibroid is 10weeks old, length is 98mm, AP is 59mm and width is 83mm, I'm scared, I have been scheduled to do extra tests, will they remove my uterus?
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"Extra tests" is not medical code for "remove uterus." Please make sure your doctor tells you in advance every step of the way what is going to happen, with tests or procedures. If the doc wants to knock you out for some simple procesure, make sure he is clear that he does not have permission to do something drastic without waking you up and telling you about it. (Women with breast lumps go through this. Some doctors want to knock the woman out, test a lump while she is still asleep, and then do a surgery on the breast based on the test. It's better for your peace of mind if your doctor always understands that if there is something where he could do a step but does not have to without discussing it with you beforehand, you ALWAYS want him to discuss it with you beforehand.

I don't know much about removal of fibroids. It seems possible that even a large one can be removed without compromising the uterus.

Good luck!
Okay... Thank you
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Fibroids are common benign / non-cancerous growths that normally don't require any intervention / treatment. Unfortunately many women are told they need their uterus removed (hysterectomy) as a result. The uterus, ovaries and tubes are essential a woman's whole life, not just for having babies.
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